New tool ranks the 'healthfulness' of foods and beverages

Food Compass tool ranks foods according to their health benefits.

You've been trying to lose weight the wrong way, study finds

New research reveals why many diet and exercise plans don't work.

Just a handful of nuts and seeds every day could save your life

Study finds consuming nuts and seeds daily lowers risk of liver disease.

Is salt good for you after all?

The evidence is in and it still says no.

Fruit and vegie skins you really should eat

The peels are often one of the most nutrient-rich parts of the plant.

Eating one avocado a day can help reduce your belly fat

Research finds popular fruit can reduce 'visceral fat' found deep in the abdomen.

Do you need to change your eating habits?

Maybe it's time we rethink our relationship with food and eating.

Your diet 'personality type' could hold the key to weight-loss success

Your personality reveals a lot about your chances of successfully losing weight.

How to … use these eight super foods

We demystify eight superfoods so you can take advantage of the benefits.

Lowering cholesterol can stop cancer spread: Researchers

Lowering cholesterol can stop prostate cancer spread, research finds.

How to wean yourself off red meat

Skip the red meat and reach for these healthier options instead.

Edible garden weeds with health benefits

Seven edible garden weeds that are great for your health.

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