Walk to a healthy heart

Heart Foundation Walking (HFW) is a network of free community-based walking groups with volunteer Walk Organisers who lead groups in their local area.

HFW builds upon the very successful Heart Foundation Just Walk It program which has been in operation in some states since 1995.

What is Heart Foundation Walking?

The Heart Foundation works in partnership with an Area Coordinator to establish walking groups in the local community. Area Coordinators may be from health or community centres, councils or workplaces. These Area Coordinators work with the Heart Foundation to assist volunteer Walk Organisers to recruit walkers and establish groups.

Community-based volunteer Walk Organisers lead these groups in their local area. They are provided with resources, training and support to begin and maintain their group. They also receive complimentary merchandise as a ‘thank you’ for their role in organising a local walking group.

Walkers are provided with information outlining Heart Foundation Walking and can choose to join the Walker Recognition Scheme which includes certificates and other incentives when they reach walking milestones (e.g. 25 walks).

To start or join a walking group near you visit www.heartfoundation.org.au/walking.

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