Health benefits of pet ownership

An estimated $3.86 billion is saved each year on health spending due to the benefits of pet ownership. With figures such as these maybe it’s time pets were available on prescription.

An estimated 63% of Australian households own a cat, dog or both and a growing body of evidence confirms the holistic health benefits people gain from animals, including social, mental, physical, psychological and emotional.

Walking a dog is a great way to exercise and meet new people but it is possibly the reduction in stress from owning a pet which benefits most. Those suffering from high blood pressure can gain significant benefit from owning a pet. Stroking a pet or simply watching a fish swim in a tank can be very relaxing.

Pets improve lives by giving companionship, dragging you out for a walk and forcing you to interact with other pet owners along the way. However, the thought of toilet training a puppy or having a kitten scratch your furniture may be too much for you to contemplate. PetRescue can help team you up with an older pet which has grown out of the teething troubles associated with new animals. As you get to see the size of pet, with fully developed personalities, there are no nasty surprises. You will also be doing these animals a great service, as they badly need a new home.

Find out more about the health benefits of pet ownership or if you’re considering getting a pet, make sure you get the right one for you.

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