Product Road Test – Uniback

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Jeff agreed to review the Uniback Back Scrubber for us. He found it easy to install and very useful.


A big plus – it’s easy, and you don’t need an allen-key, fiddly Ikea screwdriver or engineering degree either.

The unit has an adhesive strip on the back of it and you simply peel off the surface tape, then use the supplied tube of silicone to waterproof the edges of the strip.

After doing that, just mount it to one of the walls of your shower recess. Be careful to mount it at a suitable height to allow for multi-family use. It does have a sliding rail that means the scrub pad area can be adjusted up or down by around 300mm.

User Experience

The Uniback back cleanser literally acts as a spare pair of hands, which means you can clean parts of your back you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. The cover of the pad is a reversible cloth with a smooth and a coarse side.  The cover can be removed for wetting or washing. I felt good after using the Uniback, you just need to lean against the pad and rub yourself up and down as required. The pad cover has a loofah type of surface, so you don’t need to spend too long using it – but it works nicely. My wife also enjoys using the Uniback and we each use a different side of the pad cover.

Learn more at the Uniback website.

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