Silver sexters get flirty

Would you be comfortable getting flirty by text? It seems that the over 50s aren't shy...

Detoxing your emotions

Starting the New Year with a clean slate is the perfect way to get your life back on track. But

Have fun making friends

Reconnecting with old friends or making new ones can be fun, even if a little daunting. Try

Should I leave him?

Relationship expert Jo Lamble answers many prickly questions. This week she has answered member

Do I have a say in my medical treatment?

Once you lose mental capacity others make decisions for you, but who and on what basis?

True love or simply lonely

How can Marg work out if her friend is really in love or just lonely?

Back in the saddle

If you've been single for a while you can get set in your ways and the thought of sharing your

Who will support me?

How can John get the support he needs to deal with his partner's mental illness?

Making memories happen

Fran Molloy talks to Ilana Den, an entrepreneur who really knows how to throw a party.

Mature dating

Dating expert Rosalind Baker shares some simple tips for success.

Can I stop my husband leering?

Relationship expert Jo Lamble tackles another of our tricky questions.

Social solutions for singles

Whether you find yourself suddenly single or have been enjoying your own company for a while, there

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