How to stay married through the COVID-19 pandemic

How to keep your relationship healthy when you are both stuck at home.

What help does Centrelink offer to grandparents?

Martha has heard she may be eligible for some payments and services as a grandparent carer.

The reason why men die younger than women

According to popular theory, men live shorter lives because they take bigger risks.

Should you check your partner’s credit rating?

Why you need to put finance before romance and do a credit check on your partner.

The five stages of grief are different for everyone

Understanding the normal trajectory of grief can help us work through the stages knowing there

Your partner’s attitude can reduce your Alzheimer’s risk

Science now supports the saying, ‘happy wife, happy life'.

12 aphrodisiac foods to help get you in the mood for love

Food can play an essential role in creating the right mood - in more ways than one.

1950s-style marriages: all the ‘rage’

The 1950s style marriage movement could set woman back.

Could a sleep divorce strengthen your marriage?

People commonly fear that sleeping in different beds symbolises the death of their sex life and

Seven simple rules for lending money to family

Read this before you even consider lending your children money.

The replacement and how the ‘children’ played the dating game

When Peter Leith's dad died, the family wanted to make sure their mum was still motivated to

Study finds why many people are still lonely in seniors housing

Loneliness rivals smoking and obesity in its impact on shortening longevity.

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