Renewing marriage vows overseas

Jane and her husband are considering renewing their marriage vows overseas but she isn’t sure where to do it, or how to go about arranging it.

Q. Jane

My husband and I are considering renewing our vows in Europe, is there anywhere in particular we should consider? Is it an easy thing to arrange?

A. How lovely. Vow renewals can be incredibly special as you are reconfirming that despite changes in your relationship, you’re still happy to be together.

As you are already married, the legalities don’t come into play, so choosing a destination is really just deciding what you prefer. You could go grand and opt for a castle in Ireland, or something more low-key such as a Tuscan vineyard. A beach in Greece is another option, or perhaps under the Eiffel Tower if it takes your fancy.

The easiest option is to arrange the whole thing through your chosen venue. The staff there will be able to put you in touch with a celebrant, arrange flowers and anything else you wish. Some venues even offer specific packages.

If you’re thinking of taking family and friends with you, you could ask one to ‘officiate’ the ceremony for you. You can find out how they can become a registered celebrant by visiting If you simply wish to arrange a celebrant in an overseas country, they can also advise how to go about this.

Written by Debbie McTaggart