Taking the leap

Starting a new relationship is difficult enough without others feeling the need to have their say. Relationship expert Jo Lamble has some advice for YOURLifeChoices member Bruce who is keen to take the next step with his new lady.

Q.  Bruce
At 62 I was incredibly lonely until I met a lovely lady online, who sadly lives interstate. I am planning a holiday with her, but my family and friends say I’m crazy as we only have a virtual relationship. Am I mad or should I take the leap?

A. You’re certainly not mad to want to grab the chance of a close relationship. It’s just important that you don’t commit to anything too soon. Hopefully you have spoken at length on the phone, because you can learn a lot more about a person by talking to them than you can online. Next step is meeting face to face. Is there a chance that you could travel interstate and not necessarily stay together, but spend some time getting to know each other? If not, can you plan a holiday that doesn’t cost too much and allows for you to escape if she is not what you’d hoped? It’s lovely that you have friends and family who care so much about you. They probably are fearful of you being taken for a ride or being hurt by this woman. Thank them for their concern, and agree to take things slowly.


Written by Jo Lamble