The dangers of online dating

Online dating may be one of the more popular and common ways to meet people these days, but as this story from Ken attests, you do need to be careful and have your wits about you, to avoid dating scams.

Ken – I think a warning to older citizens seeking a partner may be the order of the day. I went onto and met, whom I thought were two lovely ladies. I spoke to one on Skype over three days, before receiving the first request for money to be sent via a ‘load and go’ card.

When I refused, I was accused of not trusting her. Then one day later I was asked for more money, and a lot larger sum, which I again refused. I was verbally abused on Skype quite badly and when I tried to make further contact, all my attempts were ignored.

Undeterred, I thought I would contact the second lady and had one conversation with her, before she disappeared as well.

The two ladies had similar phone numbers and I have since realised that they are one and the same, using two different names, two different cities, two different Skype accounts and two different phones.

To me, it sounds like an extravagant attempt to relieve some of us genuine people, looking for love, of our hard earned money.

Perhaps a warning for users of this service might help. I know that now, I will never trust such dating sites again.

Does Ken’s story strike a chord? Have you been stung on a dating site? Or has your experience been much more successful?


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