How to … fight eye fatigue

Seven ways to relieve your tired eyes.

How to … fight eye fatigue

After coming home from a long, hard day, your eyes may feel dry, irritated and tired. Your eyes can be more vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity than the rest of your body, making them more susceptible to dryness than the rest of your skin. Your eyes are also not designed to be spending so long looking at screens, so they can easily become strained.

These seven tips can help you to fight eye fatigue.

Dim the lights
Start by dimming the lights or angling them away for your eyes. If you’re using a phone or tablet, lower the screen brightness so that it is softer on your eyes. While you’re at it, turn the blue light off on your devices, which can reduce stimulation and help you to get a better night's sleep. If you’re reading a book, try sitting with a lamp or light behind you, with the light shining on your page, but not into your eyes. If you’re snuggling down to enjoy some television, dim or reduce the lights in the room. Make sure that there is still enough light that your eyes don’t have to strain, which can put more pressure on them.

Tea bags
After making a cup of black or chamomile tea, save the tea bags for later. Store them in a sealed container in the fridge. Once they’re cool, lay them on your closed eyelids, making sure that no tea gets in your eyes. While your cup of tea sooths the soul, the tea bags can reduce swelling around your eyes.

Use a warm compress
Boil water and allow it to cool until it is warm. This will ensure that there are no bacteria in the water that could otherwise harm your eyes. Soak a washcloth in the warm water and apply to your closed eyes for five to 10 minutes. This will help to ease pain, increase blood flow, add moisture to the surface and relax your eye muscles.

Palm your eyes
After a long, hard day, you may want to sink down and rest your head in your hands – and the research says it may actually be good for you. Cup the palms of your hands and rest them over your eyes without any pressure being put directly on the eyeballs. According to WebMD, this is a similar technique to the Bates Method, which has been shown to ease strain and relax your eyes. 

Use a humidifier
If your eyes feel dry and tired, try using a humidifier set to 45 per cent humidity. Consider turning the heaters or coolers off or down in your home, as the circulating air can dry out your eyes.

Workout for your eyes
While your eye muscles won’t actually become stronger from eye exercises, they can help to reduce fatigue. Hold one finger in front of your face and focus on it, then look up and focus on a point in the distance, before returning your gaze to your finger. Repeat this exercise a few times.

Try eye drops
It’s odd how we frequently moisturise our face and body, but rarely consider moisturising our dry eyes. If you pop down to your local chemist, you’ll find an array of over-the-counter eye drops to help relieve tired eyes. If these eye drops aren’t doing to trick, your doctor can prescribe alternative brands.

Before doing anything around your eyes, wash your hands thoroughly to avoid spreading bacteria. Your eyes can be particularly susceptible to damage and infection. If you experience dry and irritated eyes and can’t find relief, consult your doctor.

Do you suffer from dry or tired eyes? How do you relieve them?

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    casper dude
    22nd Nov 2020
    I have had dry and irritated eyes for years. I've tried everything with little success to eliminate it completely. It comes with ageing where the tear ducts get blocked. This can cause eye watering in a wind or air blowing on the eyes. It's a big nuisance but a question of dabbing them dry. Every so often my optician will gently squeeze them to release the blockage. It sounds nasty but it is not painful, just a little discomfort. It's a question of management with drops, sprays, hot compress and keeping away from fans, air con and anything that blows on to your eyes where possible. Not always easy in Queensland. My optician has given me some good advice and continues to treat and monitor them.
    casper dude
    22nd Nov 2020
    I should have said oil ducts, not tear ducts in my previous.
    22nd Nov 2020
    Last December I had cataracts removed. Have dry sore eyes all the time now. Eye specialists gives me different drops everytime I go back. I bought every dry eye treatment and not one works. Test show dry eyes and nothing else. Tried all the things they advice , warm compression etc only last whilest applying. My mum as the same problem.
    22nd Nov 2020
    The following might help Jan. Get your eyedrops. Lie down. Put your finger on your tear duct and hold it there. Insert the eyedrops - keeping the finger over the tear duct - then count to 20 - remove your finger and lie down for another minute or two. This stops the eyedrops escaping into the tearduct. Hope it gives you some relief.
    22nd Nov 2020
    Thanks Jan. You have saved my sanity! I also have had the same problem since having my cataracts removed, ever since then I wake up with dry eyes (feels like sand in them). I buy drops from my optometrist and insert a drop in each eye twice daily. Doesn't stop the problem each morning but sure lubricates the eyes during the day.
    22nd Nov 2020
    Blink!! When using computers, watching TV, driving etc. our blink rate drops. When using a computer or similar device look away from the screen regularly and blink. Remind yourself to blink regularly when driving as you tend to "stare" at the traffic around you and forget. Wear sunglasses when outside.
    22nd Nov 2020
    I've also been told by optometrist that we do not blink correctly, so do not lubricate our eyes correctly. We blink too fast and our top and bottom eyelids do not meet. Try and close eyes - even a little eye scrunching - every now and then can help. Worth a try and it's free!
    Chris G
    22nd Nov 2020
    My Optometrist put me onto BRUDER EYE COMPRESS - it is an eye mask full of microbeads). It is available online, from Adelaide; fast delivery. I find it works for dry eyes (microwave for 20-30 seconds,then apply eye mask over the eyes). I do this before going to bed.
    22nd Nov 2020
    Thank you everyone, I will try everything you have recommended. Going online now to find the eye mask. Eyes really sore so hope I find them quickly.

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