Seven ways to alleviate and prevent joint pain

Seven ways to help alleviate joint pain so that you can go on with your day.

Seven ways to alleviate and prevent joint pain

Your joints go through a lot of stress to keep you moving. They not only connect your bones, they also have to support your weight. Even though your joints are designed to handle this stress, wear and tear is normal and can result in joint pain.

The joint pain in your knees, hips, elbows, hands and other areas can be caused by a variety of factors, for example, everyday strains and sprains, and conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis and other diseases. Once joint pain has set in, it can be very difficult to continue with your usual daily activities.

Here are seven ways to help alleviate and prevent joint pain so that you can go on with your day.

1. Cold compress
The first time you experience joint pain, it’s important to apply a cold compress to reduce inflammation. Ice therapy is used to decrease blood flow and tissue swelling. Apply an ice pack to the area for 15 minutes every hour on the first day of pain. The following day, apply ice for 15 minutes, four or five times over the day. Remember, never put ice directly onto the skin as this can cause burns.

2. Warm water
A nice, hot bath can do wonders for your everyday joint pain. Warm water eases pressure on joints and muscles, especially those of your knees and hips. While the area is submerged, try massaging it to stimulate blood flow.

3. Diet
How you live plays a large part in how well your joints age. Eating properly and supplying your bones and joints with the right lubrication is an excellent way to maintain strength and prevent deterioration. Maintaining a healthy weight also takes pressure off your bones and joints. Joint-fortifying foods include: salmon, almonds, apples, black beans and broccoli.

4. Exercise
When choosing a type of exercise, go for one that allows you to move within the limits of your pain without causing further pain – especially to knees. Low-impact exercise helps strengthen joints and can have the added benefit of alleviating pain. Try swimming, pilates, yoga and golf.

5. Physical therapy
A physiotherapist can assess, diagnose and work with you to treat your joint pain. They can supply you with advice on how to manage your pain, as well as exercises to strengthen specific areas to help prevent further wear and tear.

7. Medicines
Whether you prefer natural or traditional remedies, taking pain relief medicines can be the difference between getting on with your day and being too miserable to move. Talk to your doctor about natural supplements or prescription medicine for any bone and joint-related conditions you may have.

6. Rest
After all is said and done, rest is one of the best ways to alleviate joint pain. Resting will give your body a chance to restore itself naturally. It’s important to listen when your body is telling you to rest, particularly when the pain becomes too great. At this point, some medication may also be necessary.



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    29th Dec 2016
    Did you know there is now a Facebook page created by people in Adelaide providing information for dealing with chronic pain and other issues we all suffer with from time to time? No drugs, no chemicals with nothing induced or ingested into the body. NO harmful side effects, low cost, easy for anyone to use and effectively easing even severe pain in minutes, even seconds and allowing accelerated healing of the body.
    29th Dec 2016
    Pity its not free. But these wonder products or advice always come with a price , and there are thousands on the different computer sites for all sorts of problems , I don't trust any super aid to health that you have to get caught up in a price . Thats when you know its rubbish. Because if it wasn't the whole medical proffesion would be onto it.
    29th Dec 2016
    If you are open to trying technology that uses light and sound embedded in liquid crystals that work on the bioelectrical properties of the body to remove pain - similar to a tens machine but without wires, batteries or circuitry, but far more effective then let me know? Most of the time the pain is reduced in under two minutes.
    This is an approved, clinically trialled technology that is already well proven. We do NOT charge people for our time for personally demonstrating the technology on individuals to show how quickly and how well it works.
    I'm in a Facebook group “Lifewave Team Learning” based in Adelaide and extending to other countries that teaches people how to use this technology. This is a closed group but you are welcome to join. Rob.
    29th Dec 2016
    Lower back pain, there constantly, very physical job I did for 30 years probably the cause, had a hip replaced too, can't relieve the back pain though, not getting any scalpel put into my back either, so I'll put up with it I guess.
    1st Jan 2017
    OH dear poor john, i can relate, but you know i put up with cyatica every day, and it was hard to walk after a while. and NO you don't have to put up with it. My surgeon did a great job, and i now walk without pain, oops i tell a lie, not totally but certainly the little i do suffer now, its hardly worth whinging about now. The secret is find the right doctor, that knows about backs, and he will get you to the right surgeon to helps you. Why suffer if you don't have too!
    29th Dec 2016
    If it sounds too good to be true it usually is i find. There are no quick miraculous fixes to aging joints .....the damage has generally been done when younger .
    Keeping weight within reasonable limits makes sense but isn't always easy when one is older and metabolism compromised. Supplements and healthy food choices cost money in Australia . It comes down to affording a moderate diet and a couple of supplements well chosen. Walking and swimming when weather permits
    29th Dec 2016
    I find having a glass of water with glucosamine and chondroitin daily helps with joints, but for overall health I have two cups of turmeric tea a day, which is wonderful for fighting inlammation, which creates the pain.
    29th Dec 2016
    I have been taking Tumeric tablets but haven't felt any benifits as yet but will keep persavereing
    1st Jan 2017
    i just put turmeric, in everything i cook with a bit of chilly, i find that helps, even a bit of ginger is also very helpful :)

    29th Dec 2016
    If you get stiff in the joints the best thing to do is stay out of them.
    29th Dec 2016
    Haha! Good advice! (:
    A. N. Onymous
    29th Dec 2016
    In 2004 I tore a ligament in my left knee. It took X weeks to heal before I could walk up and down stairs normally, without dragging that leg rather than bending the knee.

    A few weeks after that, sleeping on my back one night, I semi-woke and wanted to turn on my side. As soon as I moved, a stabbing pain went through my knee. I don't know which was greater -- the pain or the shock of having it, but it woke me completely.

    I turned on my side, the pain subsided, and I went back to sleep. Two or three hours later I semi-woke again, ready to turn on my other side. No pain . . . until I moved. Repeat of the stabbing in that knee.

    So began my nights for the next several weeks until I found a solution.

    Reading something one day, I found the words "torn ligament" followed by some medical terms. I went online and started searching. Among the search results was a sports site where a man who had torn a ligament in his shoulder while playing tennis wrote about his experience. Replace his "shoulder" with my "knee," and one could be reading my story instead of his.

    He found relief with glucosamine.

    I started using it. It is not medicine, and it did not take effect in hours or overnight. However, after a few days I could move during the night without any pain. When I finished the glucosamine I had bought, figuring the problem had been cured, I did not buy any more. The night stabbing returned. I bought glucosamine again, and I have been using it ever since.

    (I have taken many vitamins for a long time. At age 75 I take only two medications.}
    29th Dec 2016
    sounds like I had better give Glucosamine a go and see if that helps more than the Tumeric tablets
    30th Dec 2016
    I have also found that glucosamine works, for me anyway. The rheumatologist I was seeing some years ago recommended it for my arthritis, having conducted his own clinical trials and finding it effective for joint pain. I have been using it ever since, and find that when I leave it off the pain returns. I take the combined glucosamine with chondroitin, which I find most effective.
    29th Dec 2016
    Magnesium oil helps.

    29th Dec 2016
    How about a good stiff drink that at least numbs the pain a bit.
    29th Dec 2016
    That's called "neck oil".
    1st Jan 2017
    lol It does indeed Roby, i don't take a lot, just a small swig before bed time :)
    29th Dec 2016
    I had a damaged left knee for 40 years, (football!!! don't get me started!!!) Doctors advice was to just take various pills & I never received any real relief. I found the videos of John Bergman on youtube and did the exercise for knees. After 3 weeks I had absolute relief. My knee has never been better. The solution is to get blood to flow into the damaged joint so it can heal itself.
    31st Dec 2016
    An interesting cure from many joint pains I have found is everyday common Borax, available at many supermarkets etc for just a few dollars for a lifetime supply, - you need very little, - just lick the tip of you finger and touch the top of the powder, and lick it off your finger, - tastes a bit fishy, - it is mined from lake bottoms, so you can dissolve it in water with whatever, - but less than 1 quarter of a teaspoon/day is more than adequate.
    If you ring up the Govt 'Poison's centre' they will tell you it is a poison, - the which it is, LD 50, exactly the same as salt. It works by reducing the calcium loss from your bones, and stopping calcium from building up in your joints, an interesting article can be found at and the thing is, cheap as chips, and does all sorts of other good things also.
    Of course Big Pharma hates it with a passion, they have an enormous quantity of other so much more expensive products that don't do half the job so would lose billions if people started to sensibly use small quantities of Borax instead.
    Of course it can't help everybody, only those with calcium migration problems, (a huge percentage) and you can also get enough Borax naturally from organic fruit and vegetables, (but less than one fifth if grown with chemical fertilisers etc.) as long as there is no Borax deficiency in the local soil, (as there is here in far north Queensland, I have to add borax to my soil or the plants don't grow properly).
    And beware Boric acid, same good effects, but twice as strong, so best to stay with just the plain Borax you get as a cleaning aid.
    31st Dec 2016
    This is good information. Thank you

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