Simple things to make you happy

Happiness is a choice. So what do you do to make you happy? Any of these seven things?

Simple things to make you happy

Happiness doesn’t happen by chance. Happiness is a choice – and it’s your attitude in and reaction to any given situation that makes the difference. Do you know what makes you happy? It’s usually the simple things. Here are seven of life’s great gifts that envelope me in a bubble of bliss.

1. Talking to a positive friend to whom I can relate – I feel my my eyes light up when I’m in their presence. I feel energised and my whole being vibrating with life. If you don’t have someone such as this in your life, it’s worth making the effort to make a new friend (or two) who makes you feel this way.

2. Walking in nature – green! Need I say more? Perhaps gold? No, I’m not talking about the Australia’s national colours, I’m referring to the grass and sunshine. Being surrounded by nature’s splendour while you walk has the added benefits of releasing endorphins that lift your mood, especially if you’ve been stuck indoors all day.

3. Cuddling my fur babies – they’re cute, funny and snuggly. Just thinking about them makes me smile. It comes as no surprise that something such as pet therapy exists.

4. Dancing – especially to Bollywood tunes. When I dance, it makes me feel ‘present’, it puts a smile on my face and leaves me feeling happy and invigorated.

5. Listening to music – yep, you guess it, Bollywood again! Or perhaps some smooth jazz or 80s music. Believe it or not, it helps me to focus onand enjoy what I’m doing, whether it be writing, editing, cooking or doing the housework.

6. Reading a good book – preferably in a café, curled up on my couch or in a park while soaking up the sun. I usually have a book on the go, and feel lost if I don’t.

7. Relaxing bath – with some Epsom salts and a few drops of lavender oil (and perhaps a good book too). This is my idea of a heaven on earth.

Which simple things raise your happy hormones?


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    12th Nov 2015
    I would consider number one to have the greatest effect. The people/friends you associate with have a direct bearing on most, if not ALL, aspects of your life - the things you do, where you go, what you eat, etc, etc. Cultivate and nurture POSITIVE relationships for a good, happy, healthy, and productive life.
    Happy cyclist
    12th Nov 2015
    I used to love reading in a cafe while enjoying food and coffee but those days are gone now that the majority of people think its fine to talk at the top of their voices on their phones in cafes. Seems I am the only person left in the world who can enjoy my own company and doesn't need to get on the phone the second I am by myself. Okay, maybe I'm not the only person but it sure seems like it.
    12th Nov 2015
    I agree Happy Cyclist these once quite places are so noisy you can't even hear yourself think. If your hard of hearing you can't even have a quite conversation with you friends as you seem to have to talk over the rest of the diners. it sucks
    12th Nov 2015
    I agree - the art of conversation seems to have disappeared. I find that most people just wait for someone else to take a breath, and they jump in - with a totally different topic most of the time! I'm left wondering if it's worth it - perhaps we should revert to the conversation baton!! At least, I''ll know what they're talking about...
    12th Nov 2015
    When we wake up each morning: let us count our many blessings & the daily things in life. Also doing good deeds brings happiness. Those who are self-centered lack empathy and, cannot bring any joy to anybody. Each of our can be the light and from reading a good book to enjoying a nice documentary, working in the garden (even a handkerchief one), swimming, painting, developing an interest, making a nice meal, cake ....are valid reasons to be happy. Having a little time for contemplation, meditation, visualization and connecting to your deep great specialy if there is Gratitude : whether a believer or not. Blessings to all!
    12th Nov 2015
    At the moment we are traveling around parts of Australia in our car and what makes us happy is seeing somewhere different almost every day and meeting new people who seem to be interested to hear about our adventures. My husband was made redundant earlier this year, so we decided to pack up our things, put them in store and take off on a 'Gap Year' like all the young ones do! Better late than never!
    12th Nov 2015
    What can I say? Six out of seven suggestions are at my disposal and I exercise them all except the bath. I have a small bath shower which is easy to get in, but hell to get out. My wife has been after me for years to get a good sized bath. Showers are not anywhere near as relaxing. She, who must be obeyed, will get her way!
    13th Nov 2015
    Meeting up with friends on a weekly basis for coffee is great. We spend a lot of time having a good laugh. I love going to the local garden centre and buying a couple of new plants. I'm in the process of making some lovely Christmas gifts. There is nothing better than giving a hand made gift. . I also make lovely cards for all occasions, so once you get involved in keeping busy the days pass quicker.
    13th Nov 2015
    No mention of Scotch!
    13th Nov 2015
    Whatever tickles your fancy -- Strummer

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