Small acts for a happy marriage

It’s the small, everyday acts that strengthen a relationship.

Mature couple in a happy marriage holding hands

It’s the small, everyday acts that strengthen a relationship – not the big, showy milestones, such as the wedding day, birthdays and anniversaries. Here are our top five daily suggestions for continuous wedded bliss.

1. Six-second hug

Did you know that hugging increases levels of the ‘love hormone’ oxytocin? And I’m not talking about those half-hearted kinds with a one-arm embrace. No, it needs to be a full embrace for at least six seconds. And the more hugs of this kind you can get in the day, the better for you and your loved one. 

2. Always say ‘thank you’

Always saying thank you for all the little things your partner does – such as for washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, cooking your food – makes them feel appreciated and not taken for granted.

3. Kiss goodbye, no matter what

My husband and I always kiss each other goodbye, even if I’m still in bed when he wakes up early in the morning to go to his gym class. It makes me feel loved.

4. Spend some time apart

Having our separate interests – mine yoga and farmers markets, his running, gym and golf – means hubby and I do regularly spend time apart. It makes our time together more enriched, as we have different stories to share, which strengthens our bond when we do spend time together.

5. Make your partner’s day easier

If you can do something to make your partner’s day, then do it. It could be making them a cup of tea, heating up their dinner if they’ve come home late or doing one of their usual chores for them (especially if they’ve been super busy or stressed lately).

What little act do you do daily that strengthens your relationship?


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    29th Dec 2015
    completely agree big hugs and kiss means a lot when we are older 70s plus
    29th Dec 2015
    Completely agree - especially Kiss Goodbye no matter what. The other one I would add is Never go to Bed Angry.
    In our fast paced world with everyone seemingly out for themselves, showing your loved one(s) just how much you care for them, all the time, is essential. My partner always tells his (adult) children, he loves them before he hangs up the phone or leaves if we have been able to visit, and they do the same to him. only a little thing, but it makes such a difference to know you are loved and appreciated.

    29th Dec 2015
    How about a bunch of flowers if you are a bloke that sometimes works.
    29th Dec 2015
    Hey Robbo my hubbie tells me to pick the flowers from the garden, but I would be so grateful to have a bunch of flowers sent to me from a shop.............But I always get my cuddle and kisses Yah
    30th Dec 2015
    'Women are Bad, Sinners' a poem for men and for the encouragement of women,

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