Sunscreen prevents ageing

A new study has proven than wearing sunscreen every day can prevent ageing

Sunscreen prevents ageing

A new study from the Queensland Institute of Medical Research has found that middle-aged subjects who applied sunscreen most days had no detectable photo-ageing of the skin.

The study included 900 participants, aged 18 to 55. Participants were aged under 55 to ensure that photo-ageing, rather than chronological-ageing, was the major cause of skin changes. Half of the participants were required to use SPF15+ on their hands, arms and face most days. The other half were instructed to use sunscreen as they normally would (which, in many cases, was not at all).

The backs of the participants hands were tested at the start and the end of the study to measure damage over a four-and-a-half year period. The study found that those who were in the sunscreen-use group showed no signs of photo-ageing on the backs of their hands. They also showed 24 per cent less overall skin ageing than the group who were not instructed to use sunscreen.

Dermatologists and beauty professionals have long vouched for the effectiveness of sunscreen in protecting the skin from signs of ageing – this study is the first to prove them right.

The full report can be read at 


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    10th Jun 2013
    That is probably true, but it doesn't take into account what all that chemical application is doing to the rest of your body.
    10th Jun 2013
    I've heard that SPF15 is not strong enough in Australia and SPF 30 plus plus plus
    is what we should be using. I am concenred about the nano particles in sunscreens ....
    11th Jun 2013
    back in the nineties, a MLM company based in Utah with a president who is a biochemist, selling a whole range of sealth dafe products, produced a sunscreen called Sunbrero. It was submitted to the TGA for approval for sale in this country. They replied with a letter stating that it was rated at SPF50, yes 50,but they told the company that they weren't allowed to put SPF50, they could state it was SPF30. I have seen the letter to that effect. So who was influencing the TGA, as some months later, other companies were producing a sunscreen with a rating of SPF30. Makes you think ! I wonder what Sunbrero would have done to those who used it daily. I didn't as I was living in Victoria at the time, and never went to the beach, and the weather wasn't inducive to sunscreen usage daily.
    11th Jun 2013
    range of health safe products ------sorry about that.!

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