Timeless beauty tips

Although our beauty regime may change over the years, here are some timeless tips.

Choose the right hairstyle
The first sign of grey hair or bald patch can make people adopt the strangest hairstyles; a comb-over has never looked good on anyone! Consult with a trusted hairdresser about the best style and colour for your face shape and skin tone. This will work much better at taking years off you than any expensive skin cream.

Shape your eyebrows
Eyebrows thin and can become a little unruly as we get older. Keep them neat and shaped but don’t over tweeze. Use an eyebrow pencil with care! Also, a light flourish of mascara to your eyelashes will help with the overall definition of your eyes.

Dark circles under eyes
Tiredness and stress can result in dark circles under your eyes at any age. Invest in a good night-time eye mask and when it comes to cover up, don’t simply pile on more make-up. Use a foundation which is a shade lighter than the one on the rest of your face and set with powder.

Use less make-up
One temptation to cover-up wrinkles and blemishes is to use more make-up, but this is a no-no and will actually accentuate your flaws. A lighter foundation and gentle powder application (try a large, soft brush) will actually smooth out wrinkles and cover blemishes.

Soften those thinning lips
Collagen, the substance which keeps lips plump, dissolves as we age, resulting in thinner lips. When this becomes noticeable, it’s time to give up the darker shades of lipstick and use a tinted lip balm. This not only gives a softer look, but will keep your lips moisturised and healthy.

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