To egg or not to egg?

What came first, the egg or the warnings not to eat it?

To egg or not to egg?

The humble egg is forever dipping in and out of favour amongst nutrition experts. Some claim eggs add to our cholesterol burden and increase the risk of heart disease, while others say moderate consumption is perfectly fine.

The latest research from Canada blurs the picture yet again. A study of around 1250 sixty-something men and women published in the scientific journal Atherosclerosis showed that eating more than two eggs per week created a statistically significant increase in carotid artery plaque.

The study found that, even though plaque increased in line with age after people reached 40, it increased exponentially amongst those who ate more than two eggs per week over a number of years.

The authors suggest avoiding regular consumption of egg yolk if you’re at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Closer to home, however, the National Heart Foundation recommends eating up to six eggs per week. The Foundation says cholesterol in food has only a minor effect on cholesterol in the body, though it does note that some people are more sensitive to dietary cholesterol than others.

The bottom line? If in doubt, consult your GP or an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

National Heart Foundation
Food and nutrition facts”:

Dietitians Association of Australia
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Article written by Fiona Marsden


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    7th Sep 2012
    Hubby & I don't worry about how much of whatever causes cholestrol or plaque any more since discovering the garlic & lemon brew recipe that keeps our arteries clean (proven by angeograms on a number of family members including Hubby). If anyone is interested, you chop 5 lemons(including the skin & seeds) and 30 cloves of garlic in a processor, add 1 litre of water and bring to boiling point then strain and cool and store in refrigerator in a glass bottle preferable, and take 30mls per day with your main meal for 3 weeks then have an 8 day break (to allow your body to get rid of the junk it has cleand) and then continue for another 3 weeks. You only have to do this once a year to keep the arteries clean. Our doctor is so impressed with the results for Hubby that she is recommending it for some of her patients now. I would strongly recommend anyone who is suffering heart disease involving plaque to try this remedy and claim your lives back.
    7th Sep 2012
    Cool thanks Sally_Jane. I will try this as my cholestrol is above 5.5 and I don't excrete iron as I should due to a defective inherited gene.
    7th Sep 2012
    Cool thanks Sally_Jane. I will try this as my cholestrol is above 5.5 and I don't excrete iron as I should due to a defective inherited gene.
    Peter B
    7th Sep 2012
    This is one of those ridiculous press items that just serves to add confusion to dietary advice.
    Cholesterol is one of the most misrepresented and demonised essential body component. Once again, drug companies selling statins set the bar.
    Cholesterol, you may be surprised to learn, is an alcohol.
    it was certainly not 'research' in the proper sense, and not surprisingly vested interests are behind it.
    7th Sep 2012
    I totsally agree Peter B. By gingees my doc would have a field day on this so called 'research'..... the above trash should never have been posted here.....
    7th Sep 2012
    I would definately take more notice of Dr Mercola......
    7th Sep 2012
    Sounds like the elixir of life, Sally-Jane. Might give it a go myself.
    7th Sep 2012
    It's not eggs or even cholestrol that are the precursors to diabeties, heart disease and stroke but the inherited inability to excrete excess iron from the body. Two defective genes = full blown Haemochromatosis and one = being a carrier with the risk of passing on to future generations. The treatment is blood letting much like being a blood donor only we can't.... Of course the drug companies and their share holders make no money from this....

    7th Sep 2012
    I eat at least one, big, juicy, delicious, sweet, Fuji apple every day after tea. Fresh apples are Natures way of keeping you healthy. The old adage about "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", is so true.

    Recent research has shown that apples contain 40% more virus-and-bacteria-fighting abilities than orange juice, with its well-known Vitamin C.

    The Malic Acid in apples is a natural cleanser and bug-killer for your gut, and therefore, your whole system.
    Any time you have a gut bug of any kind - no matter what it is - eat a peeled, grated apple for every meal until you're better. Your stomach will recover in no time.

    My Dad got serious food poisoning during early WW2. There were no antibiotics until 1942. The doc instructed the nurses to feed Dad grated apple. That was the only treatment or food given while he was sick. Dad recovered rapidly after the apple treatment, and never forgot it.

    There are many health-related benefits in Malic Acid, such as boosted immunity, the maintaining of oral health, the reduction of the risk of poisoning from a build-up of toxic metals, and the promotion of smoother and firmer skin.

    Malic Acid is a vital component of our gut to enable the Krebs cycle, which is the basic chemical cycle in our body, which turns food into energy.

    Malic Acid plays a vital role in improving overall muscle performance, reversing muscle fatigue following exercise, reducing tiredness and poor energy levels, as well as improving mental clarity. Malic Acid is brilliant for scouring out intestines and keeping your bowels regular.

    Scoff those apples, they are a total body medicine in one natural hit, and you'll feel better for it. You can't go wrong with an apple a day.

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