Top 10 life-changing websites

There are times when we all get a bit fed up with our lot and feel the need to make a change. Such changes don’t need to be monumental to make a difference to your life; all you really need is some inspiration.

YOURLifeChoices has gathered together ten inspirational websites which could help you change your life for the better. 

Top 10 life-changing websites

1. TED Talks
TED Talks are free online videos of talks given by people who are experts in their field or who have had an amazing experience. The talks are full of ‘ideas worth spreading’ and you can search them based on subject, length or rating.

2. Khan Academy
The Khan Academy is a not-for-profit website committed to providing world-class education to anyone, anywhere in the world. As long as you have access to the internet you can learn about almost anything for free, from astrophysics to animation.

3. Lifehack
Lifehack is full of tips and tricks which make life simpler, quicker or more efficient. The tips come from everyday people, but they can make all the difference when you learn how to cut down on washing time or ensure people remember your name.

4. PostSecret
The PostSecret project encourages people to design a postcard confessing a secret and then send it in to the PostSecret blog, where the best ones are displayed each week. Many have said how comforting it is to hear their own secrets coming from others. Fun fact: PostSecret is the largest advertisement-free blog in the world.

5. U3A
It’s never too late to learn something new or get back to studying a topic which has always interested you. With free courses on offer you can get a taste for learning in a supportive environment with likeminded people, before tackling something bigger and more complex.

6. Moneysmart
If you’ve always struggled with your finances, now is the time to take charge and make the necessary changes. Use the tools, calculators and information sheets to understand more about superannuation, financial agreements, day-to-day finances and savings.

7. Fat Secret
Fat Secret has information on all things food, nutrition and weight-loss related. Keep a record of your eating habits, talk to other members about your weight-loss goals or ask questions about the effectiveness of different diets. You do have to sign up, but doing so is free.

8. Apartment Therapy
Apartment Therapy is the one-stop-shop for those living in small spaces. It has ideas for storage solutions, furniture arrangements and organisational tips, all with an eye to making your small space feel big and bright.

9. Gives Me Hope
Add a little dose of hope to your day with these anecdotes of the little things that give other people hope. Websites like this Give Me Hope (GMH).

10. Relationships Australia
Whether it’s a relationship with your spouse, sibling, child or parent that has fallen by the wayside, you can learn the skills to tackle tricky situations head on, or get the support to deal with the emotional and practical aspects of a relationship split.