Five little ways to trick yourself into eating less

Trick yourself into eating less without overthinking it.

Woman at home adding salt to meal

Want to know the secret to losing weight? While exercise plays a part in the equation, for most people, weight loss is as simple as eating less. Think calorie counting is the least fun you can have with food? The good news is that you can trick yourself into eating less without overthinking it.

Here are five little ways you can learn to reduce your food intake.

1. Use a smaller plate
Studies suggest that when it comes to portion size, the size of the plate counts. When you have a larger plate, there’s a tendency to want to fill the space with more food than you actually need – even when you’re not all that hungry..

2. Reduce portions by 20 per cent
The theory goes that at any meal, you could eat 20 per cent more and not actually notice. This is called the ‘mindless margin’. So, when serving yourself, simply reduce the amount of food by approximately 20 per cent and you’re all set. You can always go back for that 20 per cent later if you’re still hungry.

3. Use a taller glass
In the same way that a smaller plate gives the illusion of more food, using a taller glass for your liquid calories will make you think you’re drinking more. By the same token, you’re more likely to fill shorter, fatter glasses to the brim because they appear smaller.

4. Eat protein at breakfast
Protein is key when it comes to weight loss as it provides long-lasting energy and helps build muscle, which in turn helps to burn fat. Eating a couple of eggs in the morning is a great way to kick-start the day and help you feel fuller for longer. Unless you’re doing a lot of exercise, however, it’s a good idea not to eat too much protein, as your body will store any unused energy as fat.

5. Don’t eat mindlessly
Snacking is one of the easiest ways to gain weight. Most of us enjoy grazing throughout the day but the truth is our snacks can make us fat if we don’t burn them off. If you do snack, make sure to choose healthy options such as fruit, natural yoghurt and nuts (and not too much or too often). Also, try to eat mindfully – meaning you sit down at the table and focus on your food, rather than watching TV or playing with your phone. Mindful eating helps your brain register that your body is receiving food, helping you to recognise when you’re full.



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    mike syngen
    4th Oct 2016
    And eat slower. Chew more thoroughly. This gives the body better chance to recognise how much you have eaten, so you will happy to eat less.
    4th Oct 2016
    Yes it takes about 20 minutes for the body to catch up with the mouth and know its full. That's why its so easy to overeat if you wolf it down instead of savouring every mouthful.
    4th Oct 2016
    And here was me thinking that the Pension was the Trick for that ? :-) :-) :-)
    5th Oct 2016
    5th Oct 2016
    :-) :-)
    4th Oct 2016
    In an ABC or SBS documentary a few months ago there was a segment where they tried different diets on mice. In the first they were given an all sugar diet and gained no weight. In the second they were given all fat and again there was no significant weight gain. In the third they were given half sugar, half fat, and couldn’t stop eating.

    In a related segment set in city streets people were offered their choice of three different free donuts. Most people intuitively chose the variety that was comprised of about 50:50 fat and sugar.

    It was then pointed out that fat and sugar rarely occur together in nature and never in proportions approaching 50:50.

    Now consider the growth of processed foods in the past century.

    It may be as simple as that: fat and sugar in combination is as addictive as any drug.

    And the growth in our girths has been dramatic. Try this experiment: play a movie or documentary from a pre-1970 TV movie or documentary. Find a street scene. Then stretch the scene to fit your widescreen TV. Those wider people will probably look like most real people you see in the street today.
    5th Oct 2016
    Yes I saw that doco too, fat with sugar is in everything. Even low fat has extra sugar and vice versa, low sugar has more fat ingredients. Eat more veg and fruit and drink more water, ditch the lolly waters, dairy and processed foods.
    6th Oct 2016
    Dairy is fine.....I would not ditch that as they are highly nutritios and loaded with calcium and magnesium necessary for bone density and prevdnting osteoporosis and fractures.
    Also high in proteins and cheaper than the proteins in meats and seafood.
    If vegetarian, one still needs vitamin B12 supplements as normally it is found in high quantities in red meats to prevent anaemia and promote a sound nervous system together with other B group vitamins as well as minerals.
    Vegetarians often do not obtain any proteins unless each meal is comprised of a serve of cereal AND a serve of legumes/pulses to form a complete protein which has 22 amino acids or more.
    Water is often neglected by many people especially the elderly and which a shortage of leads to many significant ailments.
    A common one which occupies many hospital beds and Health money are from FALLS due to dizziness and losing balance! Fractures and long rehabs result which become a burden to taxpayers and cause shortages of hospital beds as well as available ambulances for the real emergencies.
    So, by eating healthy one minimises the possibility of the elderlies becoming a burden to society.
    5th Oct 2016
    ...and don't drink diet soda. BIG mistake.
    6th Oct 2016
    It is not just HOW MUCH one eats but ALSO WHAT one eats!
    VERY IMPORTANT as one does not to shorten one's life with pain and suffering from a disease before one's time is up by starving oneself of valuable and necessary nutrients. Terefore it is worthwhile learning or knowing the basics of nutrition and its purposes and which foods they are found in as well as which foods are Calorie/Kilojoules loaded.
    6th Oct 2016
    Well Ill be a packet of 2 Minute Noodles :-) :-)

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