Finding the key to faster fat burning

Ever wished you could melt away that unwanted fat more quickly? Fear not: hope is on the

Enzymes are molecules which control a wide range of functions in cells, including metabolism.
According to a report in Science Daily, researchers at the University of Copenhagen have found a
way to make the fat-burning enzyme lipase work three times longer.

Lipase only works 15 per cent of the time, before it takes a rest. The researchers have identified a
molecular ‘switch’ which triples the enzyme’s working hours to 45 per cent of the time.

According to the report, the discovery may have wide-reaching implications for obesity-related
conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

More research is required to find out whether other kinds of enzymes can be switched on in the
same way.

Meanwhile, it seems fat burning remains a case of ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Australian
exercise experts remind us that the human body is designed for movement. That’s why regular
moderate-intensity exercise such as walking, gardening or cycling is the best way to reduce body

Even 30 minutes a day will help—so get out, get moving, and enjoy yourself!

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Article written by Fiona Marsden