Is having breakfast really important?

Just about every diet ever created claims that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But a new book claims that if you want to get skinny, you should bin your breakfast.

Most people don’t want to be really skinny, they just want to shed a few extra kilos and feel better. Wanting to be skinny is seen as an illness but is this really the case? In Six weeks to OMG, author Venice A Fulton claims that through psychology, biometrics, nutrition and genetics you can ‘get skinnier than all your friends’ and rejects the notion that there is anything wrong with this being the motivation for weight loss.

One way suggested to help lose weight, and perhaps the most controversial, is to skip breakfast, something we are told from childhood we should never do. We’re told that breakfast kick-starts our metabolism for the day but is this really how it works? Not according to Fulton. Simply opening your eyes and seeing the light is enough to stop the flow of melatonin (which makes you go to sleep) and get your metabolism ramped up.

Indeed, the book also claims that starting the day with a cold bath is a useful way to lose weight, as your body uses fat stores to help keep it warm. Doesn’t sound as much fun as breakfast.

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If you want to read more of Fulton’s weight loss rhetoric, read his blog.

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