What to do about sensitive teeth

There are few things more painful than sensitive teeth, but help is at hand.

What to do about sensitive teeth

I am one of the many Australians who suffer from sensitive teeth. It came on me all of a sudden; one day I was cleaning my teeth and that simple act became so painful I had to stop immediately.

It didn’t get better in the next couple of days, so I went to see the dentist about it.

It’s a common problem, with research showing 44 per cent of Australian households include someone with sensitive teeth or gums.

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, one thing you could look at doing would be to check out some of the toothpastes that specifically tackle tooth sensitivity. I use Colgate Sensitive Pro Relief, but there are many others on the market that do the same thing.

Other tips to control sensitive teeth include using a soft toothbrush and avoiding brushing for at least 30 minutes after swallowing acidic foods or drinks.

Here are some other habits that could improve your situation:

Ditch the mouthwash
You may use mouthwash as part of your daily dental routine, but it could be doing more harm than good. Many mouthwash products are highly acidic, which could make your already sensitive teeth much worse.

Eat more dairy
You likely already know that acidic foods are what is causing the damage to your teeth. However, if you still want to eat these foods try following them up with a slice of cheese or a glass of milk to counteract the acid.

Easy on the toothbrush
As well as using a softer toothbrush, also take it easy when you are brushing your teeth. Vigorous scrubbing risks taking away some of the enamel on your teeth. You can do a thorough job without scrubbing away at your chompers as though they are a pan with burnt spaghetti stuck to the bottom.

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    1st Jul 2019
    Yes, unfortunately those wonderful electric toothbrushes set my tooth metaphorically on fire and the dentist said the tooth was fine.

    Sensodine toothpaste is wonderful however Colgate sensitive sets all my teeth on edge.

    Straws are a wonderful invention as well. If you think how long we bathe the teeth with different drinks as opposed to the time we spend cleaning them its no wonder they get somewhat on edge as we age.
    1st Jul 2019
    I found sensodyne rapid relief is the best I have tried. Has to be that particular one . Bit dearer than the other varieties . Even to have my teeth cleaned I need a local anesthetic.
    1st Jul 2019
    I purchase when half price like I do with a lot of things. Buy whether you are out or not. Full price is far too expensive. Most things drop in price regularly and many go down by half. The sensitive toothpaste does the trick. You can just apply too without cleaning teeth in between cleans.
    1st Jul 2019
    Paddington - I use the one Aldi sells, $3 or $4, much cheaper compared to the big brands - tastes fine and seems to work the same.
    1st Jul 2019
    I have found great benefit with a thing called a WaterPic, it directs a stream of water from a little nozzle at your teeth, removing all food scraps without any brushing, - it has a pressure control, so reduce it if any pain. It also can clean the inside of your gums, where smelly scraps can rot, and which cause infections, and as you can introduce the appropriate antibacterial by putting it in the water reservoir of your WaterPic, -(oral flusher, hydraulic teeth cleaner, Water Floss, etc) it can kill the bacterial or fungoid infection that is making your teeth so sensitive, down there in your gums where tooth brushes can't reach.
    With advice from your local Chemist, this will need doing only occasionally, and you are getting at the root of the problem, (pun deliberate) - not just treating the symptoms, and getting rid of the bad breathe so famed to be associated with older folk, - often with good reason.
    I don't sell these devices, - you can find them on the Internet, some very cheap, and some not, as with most things. - I got a cheap one, - it works fine, but lacks what some of the better ones offer. - I probably will buy a better one when this one carks it, but I didn't know how good they are, - I'll see how long after the 1 year warranty I get.. but for $47; it was not such a big risk, and now I wouldn't be without it. - also you can use them for proper Teeth cleaning (peridontal work) as you would normally pay a dentist, - and probably a lot more than $47; - - As I have a market stall for my vegies, I have probably sold more vegies than $47; extra, due to not having the bad breathe other 70 year olds have, - any more :)
    Pensioners Arise, Take Control of your own Teeth and the health thereof, Away with the $400,/hr Orthodontists, send them back to straightening teeth, where they are needed, -look after your own mouth, save lots of money, and besides, - it feels good to carefully move the water jet along your teeth and gums, - finding the odd pocket of eeuiew, foul, foul smell, you will know when you find one, - the which next time you will be aware of so not let them build up there again, and at the end, a couple of minutes a day, your whole mouth feels better, so clean, massaged, almost zingy.
    It also exposes holes, and cleans them out, arresting decay and when you go to the dentist to have them filled, - he will be so grateful to not have that waft of the charnel house it will make his day, and his/her job much quicker to do, so possibly cheaper.
    Win for all.
    1st Jul 2019
    Perhaps YLC could do a bit of research and an article on Water Pics, - might help many members and their friends and family.. (see my article below)
    1st Jul 2019

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