One in two diet attempts fail. This is the reason why

Why fad diets continue to entice, and why they often fail to deliver.

Why half of diet attempts fail

Programs, pills and books that promise a magic solution for weight loss are everywhere. Fad diets continue to entice, but they often fail to deliver.

With their lack of education on healthy habits, diet and exercise programs provide only a short-term improvement and are often impossible to follow long-term.

In fact, people who follow weight loss programs lose approximately 10 per cent of their body weight only to regain two-thirds within a year and almost all of it within five years, according to research from the University of California.

Research carried out by Australian genetic interpretation company myDNA found that almost half (47 per cent) of diet attempts fail; while two thirds (63 per cent) gain weight when returning to normal eating behaviours, and one in three (38 per cent) Australians are in an unhealthy cycle of yo-yo dieting.

Chief Innovation Officer at myDNA Allan Sheffield says, “Our research confirmed the fact that fad diets are failing for as many as one in two Australians and with the majority of people admitting that they put the weight back after finishing the diet, it’s clear many are struggling with how best to balance their weight and overall fitness.”

According to Mr Sheffield, understanding more about how genetics can affect body size, weight and overall fitness is the key to finding the diet that is most likely to succeed for each individual.

How people respond to certain types of diets and exercise regimes “can transform the way we approach our diets and fitness regimes, reducing the risk of being overweight,” Mr Sheffield explains.
Have you ever tried a fad diet? Have you ever found one that worked? What do you think is the best way to lose weight and keep it off?


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    12th Jun 2018
    The problem with 'going on a diet' is that the dieter thinks that at some point in the (not too distant) future they will come off the diet and 'eat normally'!

    The problem is, their 'normal eating' is what got them fat in the first place. People simply don't get it that you have to change eating habits permanently for permanent results.
    12th Jun 2018
    Where fad diets don't usually work as people revert back to old habits, changing lifestyle does. If we follow the diet of our ancesters e.g. Caucasians were hunters and gatherers we can be more healthy and usually not overweight. Low carb with right amount of protein, including red meat, and healthy fats should work.
    12th Jun 2018
    If only Caucasians were hunter/gatherers, what did the Africans or Asians or others do for food?
    17th Jun 2018
    I disagree Polly, wholefood carbs are good for you and a wholefood low fat plant based diet is better. We have evolved and our lifestyle is not the same as hunter and gatherers, plus they never lived more than 30 or 40 years.
    Old Geezer
    12th Jun 2018
    Dieting is one thing I have never tried but by the look of the number of products etc promoting it diets must fail an awful lot.
    13th Jun 2018
    Some people can eat what they like and never get fat. Many have small meals compared to others and seem to run a losing battle. It is extremely complicated. Some exercise heaps and diet relentlessly and others eat big meals and do little in the way of exercise. Heredity plays a big part as do hormones etc. Apparently there is help coming that will address fat cells. It is also better not to judge overweight people because many struggle long and hard to achieve normal weight and suffer depression because of their body image.
    Ted Wards
    13th Jun 2018
    Quite simple, if the diet actually worked that would be the end of the obesity issue and the trillion dollar profit industry that surrounds all these fad diets. People also dont want to take responsibility that their lifestyle choices have lead to this issue (apart from those related to medications etc). What you put in your mouth either helps or harms your body. Fad diets promise to take that responsibility away and here's the easy solution. Simple. They don't work, and never have, yet every week more and more are born and most in the USA. Its the hope and the promise that people are buying into. Hard work and disciplinesolves the issue. Im living proof of that. At my heaviest in my late 20s I was 150 kilos. Im now 53 and and happy with my 85 kilos!
    17th Jun 2018
    Many people have lost weight on a wholefood low fat plant based diet, if you go to there are many stories, recipes and inspiration. Get off the processed foods, eat natural food, and cut back on oils which are pure fat. Too many cooking shows are pushing 'healthy' oils. Oil free is best. Even if you eat meat, eat less and eat more plants especially some raw which will feed your gut bacteria and help stabilize your weight. You don't need to exercise madly but yes some each day is good. Not too much alcohol which is not good for the liver.

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