How a morning ritual can make your whole day better

A morning ritual not only changes your day but your entire attitude.

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How was your morning? Perhaps it was a mad rush to get ready and out the door. Perhaps you’ve rolled out of bed late and you’re trying to cajole yourself to be productive. Most of us realise that giving ourselves the right amount of time in the morning is the key to setting ourselves up for the day. So why do most people not have a morning routine? Having a morning ritual not only changes your day, it’ll also change your entire attitude. Here’s how to set yours up:

Commit to having a ritual
Seems silly but the first step to having a healthy morning ritual is to actually want one. Research has repeatedly shown that unless we have clear ideas about why we want to change something about ourselves, we are unlikely to succeed in changing. Take some time to consider what your motivators are: perhaps it’s your health, money or relationships. Once you know this, you can begin to turn your thoughts into practice.

Forget the snooze button exists
Want to wake up earlier or train yourself to wake up at the same time every day? You need to forget that the snooze button ever existed. Hitting the snooze button over and over so that you can fall asleep again only ends up making you feel more tired because it interrupts your sleep cycle. So make sure that you place your alarm out of reach so that you’re forced to get out of bed to turn it off in the morning.

Don’t plan to be a superhero
There’s nothing like laying in bed and thinking about all the things on your to-do list to make you snuggle back down into the covers. Instead of writing a big list of superhero chores for the day, whittle it down to achievable tasks. You might not be able to hit the supermarket, get to the mechanic, the bank, visit the gym and have lunch with Helen at 1pm all in one day, but you can do at least a few of those things. Prioritise and target a few simple tasks and you’ll get them done. And if lunch runs later than you planned and you don’t get to the bank, there’s always tomorrow.

Give yourself something to get up for
All it takes is one small thing to motivate you to get up. Maybe that’s the first sip of your morning coffee, reading the next chapter of your book or the lovely weather that’s been forecasted. Your life doesn’t have to be about being productive the minute you get up. Treating yourself and feeling positive about the day ahead is important to having a good day. So give yourself something to enjoy straight after waking up.

What are your tips for a good morning routine?



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    24th Jan 2017
    Doesn't everyone have a morning ritual? When I started work at 16, my ritual was:

    Wake up at 6.00am (no alarm clock)
    Shave, shower, dressed, breakfast
    Clean teeth, gather what was required for the day's work and
    Out the door to work.

    Simple and easy.

    It changed when I married and had children, same as above except when I made breakfast I also made lunches for us all, took a cup of tea into the better half (still in bed), then off to work.

    24th Jan 2017
    This sounds too much like conditioning for OCB. I woke to reveille for four years and since retiring 15 years ago I take and do everything in MY stride, IF and WHEN I want to. Life is a breeze, everything gets done, and there is lots of free time for anything else. If you are healthy enough to get out of bed and uninspired to do so because of something having to be done you are probably an under-achiever anyway and too old to become useful to yourself or anyone else.
    Margaret Thompson
    24th Jan 2017
    My goodness, aren't you both just too perfect. I'm surprised you even bother to read such insubstantial articles. Or do you do so for the sole purpose of trying to make people who strive to live a more fulfulling and useful life by reading these tips feel badly about themselves? Shame on you both, especially Mr Eddie, who seems to have forgotten to tell us all why we should just end it all now.
    24th Jan 2017
    Oh Maggie lighten up. Ritual:" a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order."

    I maintain EVERYONE has a morning ritual whether that is hit the snooze button three times, finding the least creased clothing to wear, arguing with the kids to get out of bed, find the missing homework, feed the dog and grab a piece of cold toast on the way out the door, to getting up as soon as the alarm goes off, making breakfast, read the newspaper, wash up and collect lunch you prepared the night before from the fridge on the way out the door.

    Chaotic or serene both 'rituals' work for different people for different reasons.Nothing to do with 'strive for a more fulfilling and useful life'.
    24th Jan 2017
    Maggie, "O Happy One", it certainly doesn't sound as if YOU jump out of bed and spread joy and glee throughout your household. Into the voodoo dolls, hexes, and general ill manners by the sound of you. Have a really great day, and........keep smilin'!
    24th Jan 2017
    Maggie, my wife says that I am perfect (for her) however I don't think I'm that good at all.

    Since retirement (7 years ago), I still wake up at 6.00am, still make her a cup of tea and then we settle down to do the YLC's quizzes and puzzles.

    The day I try to make other people feel badly about themselves is the day I need to re-assess my life. My point is that I have a certain routine and I am sure that most people have a routine of some sort. By the way my routine started when at 16 when I commenced work. I was a 1st year apprentice, living by myself, 300 klm away from my parents, so if I didn't have a routine to ensure I got to work on time I would have lost my job.

    Even retired I can't change the routine or perhaps I don't want to.
    24th Jan 2017
    Maggie I agree with you in respect of one of the commentators. One of them seems to do nothing with his life but hover over this site, flinging unhelpful comments, put-downs and insults. No one deserves to be called " an under-achiever ... and too old to become useful to yourself or anyone else" much less a witch. Then he dares to call you ill-mannered. We don't come on this site to read such abuse. Perhaps he bought his empathy at the same shop as Mr Trump. Please don't let this unpleasant experience stop you from posting. (As to the Captain, well I am rather inclined to agree with his wife.)

    24th Jan 2017
    Since retirement has come upon us, there is no set ritual. Rise when ready, have a snooze during the day, go to bed when ready. There is, however, something to be aware of that will stuff up everybody's day and it involves a ritual of sorts. When you dress in the morning it is an automatic reflex to put on a particular sock first. Whether it is the left or the right is irrelevant but if you accidentally change the order you will feel uncomfortable until the socks are removed.
    Polly Esther
    25th Jan 2017
    My ritual each morning is to get out of bed, if I can do that OK then I just know it is going to be a great day.
    Even better so long as that bus keeps missing me. LOL
    26th Jan 2017
    I haven't given up on trying to save the verb "to lie", meaning to get int a horizontal position on a supporting surface.
    In the first line of the fourth paragraph Ms Theodorakis states that "there is nothing like laying n bed" and she's absolutely right. Only chooks and other birds can lay in bed. Humans lie in bed; not lay.
    14th Mar 2017
    My daily ritual is to wake up, then I hop out of bed put the kettle on make a cup of tea for husband and myself, take it into him and put it near the clock alarm, he usually wakes up about ten minutes later and the tea is at the right temperature to drink by then! We both have weak black tea. In the mean time I am reading the news on the net.
    17th Mar 2019
    Don't really have a regular routine ever since I remember but I always prepare my mind for what's ahead for me. For example, if I have a commitment or something to do next day, I will always have put a road map in my brain how I'll do it. I'm spontaneous type of person.
    I've never been idle, I always find something to do.

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