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Managing your health can take time and organisation but it's often the best way to age gracefully and independently. Preventative health checks and quick action is often enough to keep minor ailments at bay, but dealing with more serious health conditions can be a challenge. YourLifeChoices has up-to-date information, research and resources on the health conditions you may encounter as you reach your 50s, 60s 70s and older.

Healthy eating is a great start to your preventative regime. Learning more about nutrition is important and often losing weight is the best way to maximise your energy and help your heart health and resistance to Diabetes 2. Read on for specific information for womens health, mens health and mental health. If you have any questionsor queries, post them on the Health & Wellbeing section of our forum.


Cholesterol facts and fiction

Cholesterol explained – and how to go about reducing it

Cholesterol facts and fiction

If you have high cholesterol, there are ways to deal with the problem without drugs.

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  1. Find the hidden sugars in food
  1. Sexercises to improve your sex life
  1. Tips to give up sugar

What your heart rate means

What your heart rate says about you

What your heart rate means

Your heart rate may tell you more about your health than you realise.

Neurologist answers migraine questions

A neurologist answers some common migraine questions

Neurologist answers migraine questions

It’s Migraine Awareness Week.

Causes of muscle twitches and spasms

Why your eyelids twitch and muscles spasm

Causes of muscle twitches and spasms

A wide range of conditions may be responsible for twitching lids and muscle cramps.

How much TV is too much?

How much TV is too much?

How much TV is too much?

Watching television for more than three and a half hours a day linked to poorer ...

Lymphatic drainage explained

How to perform a lymphatic massage at home

Lymphatic drainage explained

This little-known massage has numerous health benefits and can be done at home.

How diabetes can affect your oral health

How diabetes can affect your oral health

How diabetes can affect your oral health

Dental hygienist Tabitha Acret has some good and bad news for diabetes sufferers.

Sulphite sensitivity explained

Sulphite sensitivity a danger for asthma sufferers

Sulphite sensitivity explained

The life-threatening allergen hiding in your food and drink.

Atrial fibrillation explained

Atrial fibrillation explained

Atrial fibrillation explained

This condition can increase your risk of heart failure and stroke.

Health Checks

Doctors know if you lie about drinking

Lying to your doctor about how much you drink could be bad for your health.

Doc can detect drinking

Tackling fungal nails

Treat these stubborn nail infections for good

Feet got you down?

Inside story on varicose veins

Although rarely serious, they can be a source of discomfort, both physically and mentally.

Do you need treatment?


Things to do when stuck at home

Retirees are usually an active bunch, so what are you going to do with all that extra time at home?

Stay at home tips

Find a doctor or chemist

Search for your nearest doctor or 24-hour chemist anywhere in Australia.

Doctors and chemists across Australia

Could you save a life?

Are you prepared to administer first aid in case of emergency?

Real first aid


Five ways to get rid of hayfever fast

The sneezy season is almost upon us, and hayfever sufferers are beginning to seek hayfever relief.

Stifle the sniffle

Relieve your allergies naturally

Spring is on its way – and so is allergy season.

Stop seasonal sniffles

Act now to fight ‘silent’ disease

Free online tool can help you avoid this ‘silent disease’.

Don’t be bone idle

Mental Health

Phone call good for mental health

Psychologists tell why you should skip the texting and make a phone call.

Reach out and reconnect

Eat to improve your memory

What to eat or avoid to improve your memory and mind.

Food to improve memory

Lifeline reports record number of calls

Chairman tells what we can do and how to respond if we suspect someone is struggling.

Pandemic pressures

Men's Health

Nine health mistakes men make

Want to live longer? Well here are nine health tips you fellas shouldn't ignore.

Wise up guys!

How to boost low testosterone

Discover the symptoms of low testosterone and natural ways to boost it.

Put the zing back in

Is ED a certainty?

Does ageing make it inevitable? Are there ways that you can avoid the dreaded droop?

What are the odds?

Women's Health

What do night sweats mean?

What are night sweats, and what can you do about them?

Sweaty symptom

Good health may just mean moving more

One person’s story on the scare that made her put her health first.

Getting motivated

Marian Keyes on fat-shaming

‘People are so hungry and quick to judge women’s appearances’

It needs to stop

Health & Ageing

What you should know about glaucoma

Optometrist Dr Josie Forte speaks up about one of the causes of irreversible blindness.

Silent thief of sight

Dementia and Alzheimer’s explained

These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

Distinguishing dementia

How age could be affecting your sleep

Pharmacist Emmanuel Vavoulas explains why sleep issues become more common as we age.

What you should do

Health News

Early to bed is essential for this group

Study finds that diabetics who go to sleep earlier are healthier and more active than night owls.

Early birds vs night owls

Millions could benefit from discovery

Researchers identify protein that could revolutionise diabetes treatment.

Quality of life lift?

How much TV is too much?

Watching television for more than three and a half hours a day linked to poorer memory.

Too much TV?


Can cancer reduce dementia risk?

Link between cancer and dementia risk may hold secret for prevention.

Can cancer help?

Dementia and Alzheimer’s explained

These terms are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

Distinguishing dementia

The best and worst foods for your liver

Your diet can determine your risk factors for some serious liver conditions.

Diet determines disease

Health Insurance

Health fund profits down, premiums up

Subsidised industry wants more support; opponents seek a ‘thorough rethink’.

Check your extra costs

Switch cover with no waiting periods

It is possible to save on health insurance and avoid any new waiting periods.

Busting health cover myths

Private health fails COVID test

CHOICE names and shames private health funds for poor COVID support.

Failing the test

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