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Managing your health can take time and organisation but it's often the best way to age gracefully and independently. Preventative health checks and quick action is often enough to keep minor ailments at bay, but dealing with more serious health conditions can be a challenge. YourLifeChoices has up-to-date information, research and resources on the health conditions you may encounter as you reach your 50s, 60s 70s and older.

Healthy eating is a great start to your preventative regime. Learning more about nutrition is important and often losing weight is the best way to maximise your energy and help your heart health and resistance to Diabetes 2. Read on for specific information for womens health, mens health and mental health. If you have any questionsor queries, post them on the Health & Wellbeing section of our forum.


How to stop snoring

How to stop snoring

How to stop snoring

Try these natural anti-snoring remedies.

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How to ditch the tiredness

Tired mature man yawning

How to ditch the tiredness

These five tips will enhance your energy and help you to bounce back.

Keep your kidneys healthy

Keep your kidneys healthy

Keep your kidneys healthy

Healthy kidneys are vital to our wellbeing.

How Alzheimer’s changes your body

Alzheimer’s disease – how it changes your body

How Alzheimer’s changes your body

It doesn’t just affect memory: Alzheimer’s also has a physical affect on your body.

How farting is good for your health

Couple with the covers drawn up against farts

How farting is good for your health

How farting can help prolong your life and improve the health of those around you.

Let’s talk about sleep

Let’s talk about sleep

Let’s talk about sleep

How a regular sleep pattern will help you to function better.

Reducing the risk of arthritis

Reducing the risk of arthritis

Reducing the risk of arthritis

These five tips can help reduce your risk of arthritis

Do soapless cleansers kill germs?

Man washing hands with soapless cleanser at sink

Do soapless cleansers kill germs?

Will soapless cleansers clean stains and kill germs as well as traditional soap?

Diet linked to mental health

Diet linked to mental health

Diet linked to mental health

The Mediterranean diet may be the key to tackling mental health problems.

Health Checks

What your mouth says about you

Your mouth can say a lot about your overall health.

Your mouth says it all

How to manage your cholesterol

Learn how diet and lifestyle can help you manage high cholesterol levels.

Lower your levels

Spotting the signs of skin cancer

This is what to look for when checking your skin for any signs of skin cancer.

Check your skin


Do you need a My Health Record?

Should you get a My Health Record? Here’s what you need to know.

Your medical history

Time to get to know your bones

Find out if you're at risk of osteoporosis with this simple assessment.

What's your risk?

Handy mental health resources

Help is just a click away with our list of handy mental health resources.

Help, just a click away


Five tips to care for your liver

What does your liver do and how do you care for it properly? We have the answers.

Love your liver

Understanding blood pressure

We answer the common questions about blood pressure, including how to control it.

Be pressure savvy

Seven foods for healthy eyes

Here are seven more foods that are actually better than carrots for your vision.

Feast your eyes on …

Mental Health

Improve your memory with these five tips

Here are five great ways to improve your power of retention.

Sharpen your mind

Ten warning signs of Alzheimer’s

Early detection is the best way to halt the progress of Alzheimer’s.

Early detection matters

Early warning signs of dementia

A new US study uncovers new information about the warning signs of dementia.

Senior moments

Men's Health

How to boost low testosterone

Discover the symptoms of low testosterone and natural ways to boost it.

Put the zing back in

Foods for your ‘little fella’

Here’s a list of foods that can help men with ED and prostate issues.

Eat well, play hard

Dealing with Erectile Dysfunction

If you’re dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, these tips may help you get back up again.

Defeat impotence

Women's Health

How to fight middle-age spread

What can you do about the extra roll of fat you develop around menopause?

Be spread free

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is the sixth most common cause of cancer death in women.

Know the signs

Women at higher risk of Alzheimer’s

Women have a higher risk than men of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Research underway

Health & Ageing

Five myths about Alzheimer’s

Today is World Alzheimer’s Day so we are separating the myths from the facts.

Get the facts

Five bone-strengthening exercises

Reduce your risk of osteoporosis with these five bone-strengthening exercises.

Improve bone density

How to boost low testosterone

Discover the symptoms of low testosterone and natural ways to boost it.

Put the zing back in

Health News

Five food myths debunked

The myths surrounding these five foods are debunked.

Myth busted

What healthy people do before bed

Improve your day with these smart sleeping habits practiced by healthy people.

Snooze well

Are you weakening your immunity?

Feeling run down? Here are six ways you may be unwittingly weakening your immune system.

Immune deficiencies


Stomach cancer: early warning signs

The early warning signs of stomach cancer may, at first, seem harmless.

It’s what’s inside

Parkinson’s: early warning signs

It can be difficult to tell if you have Parkinson’s. Here are the symptoms.

World Parkinson’s Day

Does red wine really cause gout?

Gout is associated with rich living. But does red wine cause gout?

All about gout

Health Insurance

Health funds bank huge profits

Health funds' profits in the year to 1 April have increased to $1.3 billion.

What price health?

Five tips to save on health insurance

Five top savings tips for those looking review their private health insurance.

Save on health insurance

Happy with your health insurer?

Many Australians are planning to cancel their private health insurance policies.

Time for a change?

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