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Managing your health can take time and organisation but it's often the best way to age gracefully and independently. Preventative health checks and quick action is often enough to keep minor ailments at bay, but dealing with more serious health conditions can be a challenge. YourLifeChoices has up-to-date information, research and resources on the health conditions you may encounter as you reach your 50s, 60s 70s and older.

Healthy eating is a great start to your preventative regime. Learning more about nutrition is important and often losing weight is the best way to maximise your energy and help your heart health and resistance to Diabetes 2. Read on for specific information for womens health, mens health and mental health. If you have any questionsor queries, post them on the Health & Wellbeing section of our forum.


Your health – who’s in charge?

Your health – who’s in charge?

Your health – who’s in charge?

Lesh offers you a ‘no excuses’ approach to own your wellbeing.

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  1. Drink less and still have fun
  1. Eating well as you age

Is your skin sensitive?

Mature smiling woman with nice skin

Is your skin sensitive?

Find out if your skin is on the sensitive side.

Managing pain after knee surgery

Post operative physiotherapy on knee

Managing pain after knee surgery

Is more rehabilitation or better medication the answer after a knee replacement?

How farting is good for your health

Couple with the covers drawn up against farts

How farting is good for your health

How farting can help prolong your life and improve the health of those around you.

How Alzheimer’s changes your body

Alzheimer’s disease – how it changes your body

How Alzheimer’s changes your body

It doesn’t just affect memory: Alzheimer’s also has a physical affect on your body.

How to ditch the tiredness

Tired mature man yawning

How to ditch the tiredness

These five tips will enhance your energy and help you to bounce back.

Natural remedies to ease sinus pain

Mature woman with sinusitis awaiting a natural remedy

Natural remedies to ease sinus pain

These natural remedies may relieve the pain of sinusitis.

Five common eye problems

Five common eye problems

Five common eye problems

On World Sight Day, we share five common eye problems of which you should be ...

Give nature a nudge

Give nature a nudge

Give nature a nudge

Constipation is a common problem, even among otherwise healthy adults.

Health Checks

Five best health check websites

When should you be tested for breast cancer, diabetes or prostate cancer?

Should you be tested?

Should you worry about that mole?

Discover the ABCDE method of mole checking.

Safe or scary?

The dangers of 'Doctor Google'

Discover the real reasons you should never Google your symptoms.

Avoid Doctor Google


Find a doctor or chemist

Search for your nearest doctor or 24-hour chemist anywhere in Australia.

Doctors and chemists across Australia

Handy mental health resources

Help is just a click away with our list of handy mental health resources.

Help, just a click away


Do you suffer from arthritis?

Arborvitae – an Australian breakthrough in arthritis pain relief.

Relief is on the way

Five best health check websites

When should you be tested for breast cancer, diabetes or prostate cancer?

Should you be tested?

Tips to help improve your posture

Aching back? Your posture may be to blame. Here are nine tips to straighten you out.

Straight and tall

Mental Health

UK confirms new PM Theresa May

This morning Queen Elizabeth confirmed Theresa May as Britain's new Prime Minister.

New PM

Could infections cause dementia?

A new study shows that the brain’s response to infections could be the cause of Alzheimer’s.

Big news for Alzheimer’s

10 ways to avoid carer stress

Here are 10 ways to help fill your cup so can continue caring.

Do you care?

Men's Health

Detect prostate cancer early

Keep an eye on the signs of prostate cancer and see your doctor for screening tests.

Improve your odds

How to boost low testosterone

Discover the symptoms of low testosterone and natural ways to boost it.

Put the zing back in

Dementia: are men seeking help?

Of all the calls to the National Dementia Helpline, only one in five callers are men.

Seek help

Women's Health

How to cope with painful sex

Everything you wanted to know about painful sex ... but were too embarrassed to ask.

Ask Jean Hailes

Eating for healthy bones

Keeping your bones strong is not just a goal for later years.

No broken bones

How to strengthen your pelvic floor

Learn about pelvic floor health and strengthening exercises.

Improve your bottom line

Health & Ageing

Osteoarthritis explained

How you can manage your symptoms and keep yourself moving with minimal pain.

Understand and manage

Speaking up about memory loss

Memory loss: When should you keep it to yourself, and when should you speak up?

How bad is it really?

What can your genes predict?

Genes can influence the time of day you wake and the time of day you'll die.

Gene predictions

Health News

Are you too dependent on alcohol?

There is a difference between drinking for enjoyment and being dependent on alcohol.

Know the signs

Seven secrets to avoiding sickness

Seven secrets of people who don’t get sick.

What’s the secret?

Make the most of your mornings

Here are seven tips to get your day started the right way.

Make the most of your day


Could your blues lead to dementia?

A Dutch study finds that severe depression could lead to dementia.

Which comes first?

Hope for young stroke survivors

One in every four strokes now occurs to people aged 65 years and under.

Hope for stroke survivors

Test detects Alzheimer’s early

New blood test can accurately detect Alzheimer’s 10 years before symptoms.

Are you at risk?

Health Insurance

Affordable health insurance

If you're looking for health cover which is not only affordable but tailored to the over 50s, then you may find Apia health insurance rewarding.

Save your money and your health

Health insurance premiums to rise

We are facing a considerable hike in health insurance premiums – seven per cent to be exact.

The end of private health insurance?

Is your health covered overseas?

There's plenty of information out there about health insurance for those travelling to, or visiting Australia.

Are you covered?

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