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Bill shock undermining the sector, say health funds

Regulate split billing and restore faith, urges peak health insurance body.

Meaningful activities the key to happy ageing – and a longer life

The more meaningful the activity, the better it is for emotional wellbeing.

Dos and don’ts after a blood clot

There are some lifestyle changes you should make after a blood clot.

What your body odour says about your health

Continually masking bad body odour can have serious consequences.

Explained: What is seasonal affective disorder?

Can you blame the weather for your mood? Maybe …

10 Ways to Get Cheaper Health Insurance in 2021

Tips and tricks to cut your costs while keeping your cover.

Which headaches you need to worry about

Seven red flags to look out for when it comes to headaches.

Being overweight can worsen the liver damage caused by alcohol

Overweight people who drink alcohol are at greater risk of liver disease.

Prince Harry paves the way for others to tackle problems with alcohol

The Duke of Sussex has opened up about his relationship with alcohol.

Could this be the cause of your muscle weakness?

Muscle weakness often starts gradually and makes once-simple tasks harder.

EMDR: Delving into the trauma therapy used by Prince Harry

This therapy aims to reduce distress caused by traumatic memories.

Navigating ‘cancer land’: A guide for the newly diagnosed

Research shows that after people hear the word 'cancer', they don't hear anything else.

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