The 10 things that you are not cleaning enough

What under-the-radar areas are you missing when you clean?

10 things you need to clean more

If you have a weekly cleaning routine that generally never changes, you are probably skipping over some under-the-radar areas.

Here are the 10 areas that are most likely to be overlooked when you do your cleaning and that could definitely do with some more frequent tender loving care.

1. Toothbrush holder
Bathrooms are cleaned regularly and to a pretty high standard, because that is one of the rooms where you don’t want to have any germs. While the sinks and toilet (if the latter is located in your bathroom and not in a separate area) are probably cleaned weekly, we bet you never even think about the toothbrush holder. Scientists at the National Sanitation Foundation in the US have found that the toothbrush holder is probably the dirtiest item in the bathroom. In fact, 27 per cent of household toothbrush holders contain bacteria that can make you sick, like staphylococcus and E. coli. Depending on the type of holder you have in your bathroom you can either run it through the dishwasher, or wash it with detergent and warm water to get it clean. You should probably aim to do this weekly.

2. Smartphone
Something you put next to your face and mouth nearly every day, your smartphone is covered in more bacteria than you can probably imagine. The average phone has 18 times more bacteria on it than a toilet seat. All you need is sunglasses cleaner and a microfibre cloth. This is another job you can probably do weekly.

3. Handbag
Here’s a disgusting thought. Think about the places you rest your handbag throughout a day. On the floor of public transport, on the floor of your car, or perhaps even in a shopping trolley where toddler has been sitting with a potentially full nappy. Now think about how many times you have come home and put that very same handbag on top of your kitchen bench! Yuck! Frequently giving the outside of your bag a wipe-down is a very good idea.

4. Fridge
It is one of the jobs we all hate, which is probably why we only do it when it feels absolutely necessary. Considering how important it is to keep this area clean, you should be doing this job monthly. Toss out everything that is out of date or questionable and wash your shelves (be careful to use cold water for washing or wait till the shelves are at room temperature so they don’t crack). Also make sure that you scrub down the side of the fridge while the shelves are out.

5. Doorknobs
Now that you see it in writing, it all makes perfect sense. Dirty hands grabbing at your handles and knobs all day every day, leaving behind bacteria and who knows what else. Easily forgotten about, but easy to clean.

6. Steering wheel
In the same vein as doorknobs, your steering wheel brings back all the filth from the outside world that your hands have been in contact with and then spreads it throughout the house. A quick clean with some anti-bacterial wipes will offer you more protection from germs.

7. Hairbrushes
You think it’s just hair building up in your brush, but it is actually a lot more than that. As well as hair, the hairbrush will have dust, conditioner, oil, germs and dust mites, all of which you are running through your hair every morning.

8. Pillows
It is not enough to just clean your pillowcases regularly, you should be washing your pillow itself at least twice a year. Most pillows are machine washable (check to make sure, though), but use a mild liquid detergent instead of a powder so you don’t end up with residue on your pillows. Then place them in a dryer and they will be ready to sleep on again, free of bacteria and dead skin cells.

9. Keyboard
You guessed it. Here’s another everyday item that is probably dirtier than your toilet seat. You should give your keyboard a good clean every two or three months.

10. Remote controls
Just like your keyboard, except you are even more likely to be eating food while touching the buttons. Try and give it a good wipe down once every two to three months.

What other important items do you think most people overlook when cleaning?




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    24th Nov 2017
    I had to read this article to see how you could limit the number of items that needed additional cleaning to just 10.
    Thai Traveller
    24th Nov 2017
    After reading in earlier advice that sponges are harbours of bacteria and carry more germs than a toilet, I routinely zap ALL the sponges in a microwave once a week. Two minutes in the old 800watt m/wave is plenty.
    24th Nov 2017
    You should use pillow protectors so you can wash when bed linen is washed.
    In Outer Orbit
    24th Nov 2017
    Did we forget to clean or did we forget that cleaning can be taken too far? Exposure to every day 'germs' is very good for us, especially those tacky doorknobs. It maintains our internal 'biota' (yes the zillions of squirming little bugs who live in our guts and keep us healthy), it develops and sustains our resistance to disease. We are not designed to live in a sterile environment. Howard Hughes tried and look what happened to him. Check out the spiraling allergy sufferers.....and the hospital superbugs we've created. Far better to kick back and enjoy life with grime.
    In Outer Orbit
    24th Nov 2017
    And please DON'T go and throw out all your 'out of date' food. There's far too much food waste already, and while it might be 'best before' most of it is also fine to eat 'after' the package date.

    I'm starting to wonder if this whole article is sponsored by a trader specialising in perishables and cleaning products. Where's the balance Ben?
    25th Nov 2017
    Also, the head of your toothbrush can be sanitised by dipping it in hydrogen peroxide after pouring some in the lid of the bottle. I also occasionally brush my teeth with the toothbrush dipped in it.

    You can also keep teeth whitened at little cost by dampening a cotton make-up pad with hydrogen peroxide and rubbing it on the front of your teeth after brushing. I've been doing this every morning for many years and my teeth stay white even though I drink tea and coffee and it hasn't damaged my teeth.
    2nd Dec 2017
    I must be unusual as I clean ALL of the above on a regular basis I spray door knobs with Euca spray and clean phones and keyboard and remotes with Alcohol wipes almost every day -- I use pillow protectors and they are changed every week, IF the pillow looks a bit stained which is VERY reare it is chucked and renewed, I have a steering wheel cover that is changed often and washed -- and I also use hand wipes B4 I use the wheel after shopping -- I have a hanger that I use for my handbag, while out and so it is never put on the floors etc -- if there are tooth brushes that belong to family member that have been away they are sterilised and wrapped in cling wrap till they need them again, I also spray and clean taps and toilet buttons -- I am very aware of cleanliness because of having to look after Family that has been very ill as well as myself being supseptible to germs
    In Outer Orbit
    2nd Dec 2017
    Sorry to hear about the illness. Exposure to germs can help generate resistance to them; we evolved living in caves, from animals with no history of cleaning with anything beyond earth and water. We are not designed for sterile' environments; our own bodies are bursting with bugs essential to our survival. Where did hyper-sensitivity to 'germs' come from? Perhaps, rather than cleaning, we should take a walk on the wild side.
    3rd Dec 2017
    Outer Orbit, I always took a walk on the wild side BUT when you are nursing very ill people with very low immunity you have to be very aware of anything that can be passed on -- even being amongst crowds etc -- it is NOT something I enjoy I can tell you.

    I was always one for letting my Son play in the creek and in the mud --as I do believe in what you say
    In Outer Orbit
    3rd Dec 2017
    Thanks Plan B. Your experience seems to highlight one of life's bitterest ironies, or cruelties - ie we can do everything 'right' and to the best of available knowledge, yet still face the most unexpected and 'unfair' or 'undeserved' outcomes. I'm sure we all wish you and the people you are caring for nothing but the best. Good luck.
    4th Dec 2017
    Thank you very much for your kind wishes Outer Orbit

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