Are Medicare rebates classed as income?

Medicare rebates will now be paid electronically. How will this money be assessed?

YOURLifeChoices member David is sure he has read somewhere that Medicare rebates will now be paid electronically and he is concerned about how Centrelink will assess this money in his bank account.

Q. David
I have seen it reported that shortly all Medicare refunds will be processed electronically, directly into our bank account. Will those deposits be classed as income for Centrelink purposes? We are on a part Age Pension and any deposit at all affect the amount of pension which we get. Will I have to be on the ball and withdraw those deposits?

A. Provided by Human Services (Centrelink)
Medicare rebates paid directly into bank accounts will not be classed as income by Centrelink. The only change to Medicare rebates is the way in which they are paid. Medicare will continue to assist with health care costs.

To find out more about the changes to Medicare rebate payments, read Medicare payments go electronic.


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    17th Jul 2012
    No David. What happens is:- your payment card is swiped by the Doctors receptionist, she/he then swipes your medicare card so the amount that's just been taken out of your bank account is then returned to your bank account; sometimes less goes back in. So, there's no way you're earning any money and if anything you're a little out of pocket!
    18th Jul 2012
    Pip, not all doctors have that facility. I too am on a part pension and I have just had a lot of medical expenses which I paid for and then claimed off Medicare. Because the refunds were over their limit, Medicare could not give me cash but paid me directly into my bank account. This happened over a few months and these deposits,[from Medicare], did not affect my pension.
    18th Jul 2012
    Hi, are you a Doyle too? My local Medicare office doesn't carry cash anymore; I think that may now be the norm so I wonder what happens if you don't have a bank account?
    18th Jul 2012
    Yes I am a Doyle. You too? a lot of us around. I guess everyone has a bank account and if not, one would have to open one :-((
    18th Jul 2012
    I presume you know the history of the name Doyle? I married a Patrick Doyle; he said the name means 'dark stranger' in Irish Gaelic and that it referred to the Danes who invaded Ireland..
    18th Jul 2012
    When I researched the Coat of Arms, I recall reading something about Vikings, but that was a long time ago. I don't put much credance to any of it as it's impossible to work out what is fact and what is fiction and folklore.
    18th Jul 2012
    The big problem I have is that the money comes out of my account straight away, but does not go back in for sometimes three or four days, so no matter what I lose out
    18th Jul 2012
    I wonder why that happens, lasaboy, on my bank statements it's always out then the next line back in. I'm with Westpac but it shouldn't make any difference which bank.
    18th Jul 2012
    You can get over that problem by paying the doctor by credit card. Then go to Medicare for your refund and the money will be in your account way before your credit card bill needs to be paid. That way you will never be caught short.

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