Are you ageist? Why not take the quiz and find out?

EveryAGE Counts has launched a quiz aimed at identifying ageism.

Are you ageist? Why not take the quiz and find out?

EveryAGE Counts is a recently launched advocacy campaign created to tackle ageism.

Ageism is rife in Australia, from employers enacting illegal practices that block older people from accessing jobs to negative attitudes towards older Australians on the street, in shopping centres and on the road.

“Ageism is not benign or harmless. It is a big problem because it impacts on our confidence, quality of life, job prospects, health, and control over life decisions,” says the EveryAGE Counts website.

“It is pervasive but often hidden. It can distort our attitudes to older people and ageing and have profound negative impacts on our personal experience of growing older. The impact of ageism can prevent or limit us from contributing and participating in our communities – socially, economically and as full citizens – and even impact our physical health and longevity.”

While ageism is an attitude most pervasive among younger people, it is not age-specific – even older people can be ageist.

Yesterday, EveryAGE Counts launched a quiz aimed at challenging negative attitudes and beliefs in an effort to find out who is ageist – be it conscious or unconscious.

“Because ageism has been accepted for so long, often our own biases are difficult to identify and acknowledge,” say EveryAGE Counts.

So, are you ageist? Why not take the quiz and find out?

How did you score? Why not share the quiz with your friends and family to see how they rate?



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    27th Nov 2018
    I'd rather deal with an older person than a young one. The younger generations are lazy and clueless. (I guess that makes me ageist...)
    27th Nov 2018
    A good example of AGEISM is the insulting and offensive responses from the Gov re the unfairness of the way the Pensioner Concession Card was reinstated to those who lost the part pension due to Hockey's changes to the assets test. Those who had between $813000 and $1.25Mil on 1/1/2017 had it reinstated. Those who had LESS on that day, but as their balance rose above the $813000 a day later, a week later a month later DID NOT. Letters to various Gov agencies and MPs, including Mr GEE MP. Mr Tehan and Porter, former ministers of Social Services, met with Lies, inuendo and finally very insulting letters. It is the insults to the the intelligence of older people, who worked and saved for their retirement that is unacceptable.
    27th Nov 2018
    Its an odd survey which is given to older people (the majority of readers of this page) to see if they are biased against older people. Of course they aren't. If the survey was given to young people or to older people with questions about young people, the results would be very different. Most accounts of ageism are directed against people in a different age group to one's own, not the same one.

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