Is it too late for your free flu shot?

Here’s why you should get the 2017 flu vaccine in August.

Flu shot

Each year the Australian Government’s Department of Health make the flu vaccine available for free for those most at risk from influenza and its complications.

The vaccine remains the best and most effective way to prevent the flu and potential related illnesses.

The groups most at risk from influenza who are eligible for a free vaccine are:

  • people aged 65 and over
  • pregnant women
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • very young children
  • and those with underlying medical conditions, such as asthma.

The 2017 flu vaccine has been available since April this year from GP surgeries and other immunisation providers. Often, pharmacies and hospitals will arrange to give the vaccine on certain days as well. Bear in mind that while the vaccine itself is free if you fit the criteria above, your GP may charge a consultation fee for the appointment.

    website. And, if you have questions, it’s best to speak with your GP.


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    Old Geezer
    7th Aug 2017
    I'll take my chances with the flu instead of having those toxins put in my body.
    7th Aug 2017
    I agree with you OG. "The vaccine remains the best and most effective way to prevent the flu and potential related illnesses". The best against what?
    I understand there is a class action in America because so many folk have paralysis and other debilitating illnesses after taking the flu vaccine.
    7th Aug 2017
    I have been taking one for the past three years and no problems. A friend recently told me their content which has put me off getting next years shot.
    7th Aug 2017
    What a load of nonsense. The flu vaccine does not contain live virus so cannot make you sick!
    7th Aug 2017
    KSS I suggest they haven't ever had influenza. A prick in the arm vs near death - mmm that's a difficult choice.
    I actually recommend the pneumonia vaccine - I believe it to be better than anything. For some reason it seems to give protection against viruses when others are dropping like flies.
    7th Aug 2017
    But it does, KSS, nothing can be universally safe. Just like health giving nuts, strawberries, bread etc can make certain people sick so can vaccines.
    8th Aug 2017
    my feeling entirely, don't do it!
    7th Aug 2017
    The best defence against the flu is good health. Tampering with our immune system is not the way to good health.
    8th Aug 2017
    There is only one way to not get the flu: take charge of your own health, boost you immune system with good food, enough sleep and relaxation and a sensible amount of exercise.

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