Could statins prevent dementia?

A new study has found that statins can prevent dementia in older people.

Could statins prevent dementia?

A new nationwide Taiwanese study has found that statins can prevent dementia in older people. Dr Tin-Tse Lin from Taiwan presented the study of nearly 58,000 patients. The results showed that high potency statins had the strongest protective effects against dementia.

The study looked at new-onset, non-vascular dementia in an older population. It looked at the 57,669 patients covered by Taiwan’s National Health Insurance who had no previous history of dementia. All participants in the study were aged 65 and over. During the 4.5 year follow up there were 5516 new cases of dementia reported. Participants were broken into groups based on their statin intake, as well as their mean daily equivalent dose and total (across the entire follow up period) equivalent dose.

Dr Lin said of the results, “Patients who received the highest total equivalent doses of statins had a three-fold decrease in the risk of developing dementia. Similar results were found with the daily equivalent statin dose.” He went on to explain, “It was the potency of the statins, rather than their solubility (lipophilic or hydrophilic), which was a major determinant in reducing dementia. High potency statins such as atorvastatin and rosuvastatin showed a significant inverse association with developing dementia in a dose-response manner. Higher doses of high potency statins gave the strongest protective effects against dementia … almost all the statins (except lovastatin) decreased the risk for new onset-dementia when taken at higher daily doses.”

While this may seem like wonderful news, it should be noted that there is growing concern about the side effects of statins, which you can find out more about in the article Cholesterol medication controversy.

You can read more about the new Taiwanese study at the ScienceDaily website. If you have any questions or concerns about your medication it is important to speak to your GP before making any changes.


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    20th Sep 2013
    Hangon there.
    A couple of weeks ago you said statins "contribute to memory loss or confusion in some people".
    You can't have it both ways!!!
    Nan Norma
    20th Sep 2013
    They sure did. Honest, you don't know what or who to believe anymore.
    20th Sep 2013
    what's the problem?? Obviously these two articles are proof statins cause memory loss :)
    Young Simmo
    20th Sep 2013
    Yes I am also getting confused as during that previous discussion, I stopped taking Lipitor on the 19th July and am planning on having a blood test for Cholesterol after about 2 months. I didn't consult my Doctor (Naughty, Naughty I know) but stopped on account of all the people on here complaining about their aches and pains supposedly caused by Statins. I have been on 80 mg Lipitor for 13 years (2000) and thought I would see if my knee, back, shoulder, neck and thumbs etc improved. It is hard to say if my stopping the Lipitor has caused my slight improvement, or if it is all part of a cycle.
    I might add that the main advantage for me of taking Lipitor is that I can eat all the eggs, prawns, real butter and cholesterol causing foods and still get excellent numbers.
    Young Simmo
    20th Sep 2013
    In addition to what I said above, at 74 I don't think I have any signs of Dementia, maybe the Statin story has some merit.
    20th Sep 2013
    We're sorry, the page you are searching for can't be found.

    The link to the 'Cholesterol medication controversy' seems to be broken.
    Rachel Tyler Jones
    23rd Sep 2013
    Don't worry Aquatrek, the article is still there. Yes, these two pieces of research are contradictory. My aim is to give you all of the information the 'experts' are coming up with, not to make a call on which study is correct. Below is the link to the article you were searching for.
    20th Sep 2013

    or strokes and

    It depends on what type of dementia is being studied and what drugs effect the dementia
    20th Sep 2013
    Here's the correct link
    Worked for me anyway
    20th Sep 2013
    I was really suffering bad aches and pains in my muscles so I stopped taking the statin I was prescribed. As my cholesterol is up we are trying a new type, but my Dr. said to take it with breakfast and maybe my legs wouldn't ache so much. Too early to say yet whether it works. I am 76 and no signs of dementia fortunately.
    20th Sep 2013
    Well I guess they got to find a new use for statins now that more and more people are stopping them...personally I prefer using 1 tablespoon of coconut oil a day in my porridge to treat possibility of Alzheimer's (which runs in my family)...and no side effects.
    21st Sep 2013
    Jezemeg8 I was thinking exactly the same thing re new uses for statins with many people having stopped taking them. I use fish oil as a supplement. I love coconut oil but find it to be quite expensive.
    21st Sep 2013
    coconut oil
    23rd Sep 2013
    I would just like to be tested, as a start.
    For the last two years
    I have said several times to a male G.P
    & a female G.P.
    & my diabetes nurse
    That I forget & get confused & then not only my head hurts but also my brain & then I can't reads anything.
    And sometimes I end up in tears.
    I am not just worried but also a bit frightened.
    They have fobbed me off each time.
    All I want is to know if I am okay - a diagnosed.
    They get paid every time I go to see them.
    Is it so hard to do a few tests.

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