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Q. Elizabeth
My husband is 78 years old and has been on the pension for a number of years now. Can you please tell me how to find out if he can be assisted as his teeth are wearing out and I am not quite sure what help is available to him?

A. Your husband may be eligible for treatment under the National Partnership Agreement which is delivered by state and territory governments under their Public Oral Health Services. There is certain eligibility criteria which must be met, this usually means residing within the Local Health District providing the care and holding a valid concession card, although it may vary between the states and territories.

The services provided may also vary and there may be a waiting list for public dental services. 

You can find out more by visiting the Health Department of the state or territory in which you reside:









Also, Seniors Card holders may be eligible for discounts from private dental providers. You should check with your local Seniors Card office for details. 

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Written by Debbie McTaggart


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    Elisabeth, If you leave in NSW, you could take your husband to the Sydney Dental, at Central station, Elizabeth St. Rgs, NormaH

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    The waiting list for public dental treatment in Toowoomba Queensland was 5 years plus before the scheme for pensioners with multiple health issues was axed. I hate to think what it is now. I’m just glad that finally I am getting some much needed treatment.

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    mum aged in her 70’s had to wait 3 years to hav 19 rotten teeth out, daughter waited 5 years for a check up now it seems they are outsourcing some dental work. I didn’t have to wait for my tmj dental splint but its too hard and to tight , ive been back but yes well. mum had false teeth made by the govt dental clinic , she has never been able to wear them

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    What a bloody joke all this is, went to see about my teeth and I don’t have many! and was told there is a 6 year wait, by that time I will be dead, will just keep eating mash potato.

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      i’m so sorry to hear it hillbilly….i bet you be sick of mash spud by now!

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      i know the feeling i don’t have many left either i’m getting sick of porridge but don’t have much choice, and all the soft foods…. i guess “thats life for us oldies now!

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      I’ve been on the NON EXISTANT Waiting list for over 12 Years now !!..TEETH are not a Part of the Human Body !! They are from Outer Space !!.. Or the Space they fell Outa !!

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      My late father used to be the MC of old time dances in mining towns and lost his teeth at a young age breaking up fights. Back then there was no dentistry like there is today as he was born in 1906. He kept his false teeth in a drawer as they did not fit so he went without. In spite of this the only thing he could not chew was raw coconut, it had to be grated. He did not have steak very often and when he did he just cut it finely. He ate everything else including young raw carrots from his veggie garden.

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    Even in Victoria its a sad state of affairs, they don’t help the oldies anymore, well not unless they go to the dental hospital and for many thats way to far to go, depending on your physical problems

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    What about the local Council schemes? I have always had good service there for my teeth, I can’t recommend them highly enough! This is in Victoria.

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    If you live in Vic. You are eligible for their dental scheme. Centre link should tell you where to go or your doctor. There is a waiting list. However, I have diabetes & because the condition of my teeth was effecting my eating & hence my diabetes I didn’t have to wait. A lot of private dentists & dental technicians work with the gov. On this system. So make sure you mention if your problem effects your health.

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      I live in Queensland and there’s only a state government dental scheme here for people with a health care card. My teeth have adversely contributed to my extreme chemical sensitivities resulting in convulsive seizures but that makes no difference in Queensland, I still had to wait for five and a half years…..

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      I am going to move to W.A. there medical for pensioners is unbelievable.

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    I personally know quite a number of people who have dentures from the Bairnsdale govt. clinic. They are of no use for eating; even after adjustments. What’s the point of attending a free? dental prosthetist who is obviously not properly trained or experienced or does not have the ability for the job?

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      i know what u mean brains, i have heard from some ppl i know, that can eat with their dentures in. and some can’t eat with their dentures in. I wonder if its how good or badly its fitted……?

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    I go the local community centre for dentistry work and podiatry. I am thrilled with their work.

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    Brainstraina, I was given the option so went to a private dental prosthetist in Cranbourne. I have had dentures for 37 years & this new set is the very best I have ever had & I’m entitled to a new pair every 2 years. I couldn’t praise them enough.

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