Understanding Lung Cancer

What is lung cancer?

Lung cancer is the growth of abnormal cells in the lung. These cells reproduce abnormally at a much faster rate than normal cells and stick together forming a growth commonly known as a tumour.

What is the major cause?

Smoking is the leading cause of Lung Cancer in people with up to 90 percent of cases being caused by the smoking of tobacco products. While it may not be known exactly how one smoker can develop lung cancer while the other dosn’t, research suggests the likelyhood of developing lung cancer is increased significantly if: you start smoking at a young age or you continue smoking after the age of 50.

You do not have to smoke to develop Lung Cancer related to smoking, as Passive smoking is just as bad, with the Australian Government identifying this and banning smoking in all public places to minimise lung cancer in people working in the hospitality industry.

Lung cancer kills more people worldwide each year than any other cancer.

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