Five quick pick-me-up tips

If you’re feeling stressed or down, why not try any of our five quick pick-me-up tips?

man relaxing in a chair looking out his window

If you ever feel stressed, down or just a bit tense, then why not try any of our five quick pick-me-up tips? Perhaps you’ll find one that helps to lift your mood and puts a smile on your face.

1. Laugh
Laughter is the best medicine, but it’s hard to spontaneously laugh when you’re feeling tense. So when you get a moment, why not call a friend who is guaranteed to make you laugh? Failing that, you could watch a comedy on DVD.

Laughing works because it increases the blood flow (and therefore oxygen) to your brain, as well as release happy hormones such as endorphins, dopamine and serotonin.

2. Cuddle your pet
Obviously this won’t work if you have a fish (I hope that made you laugh). Okay, seriously, cuddling your dog or cat will bring you into the present moment, and looking into your pet’s eyes helps to increase the feel-good hormone oxytocin. Just being with your pet can lower stress and anxiety levels, so have some loving time with your fur baby.

3. Dance
I’m sure there’s music that makes you want to boogie. So put it on and start dancing around the house. As with laughing, dancing increases blood flow to your body and brain. It also raises your happy hormones. And, you never know, your pet may start dancing with you – mine does. He thinks it’s a fun game and makes me laugh. There you go – three stress-busting moves rolled into one!

4. Listen to happy music
If you’re feeling angry or sad, but want to uplift your mood, it’s best to listen to happy music rather than music that matches your current mood, as it will just make it worse. And it’s even better if you can dance and sing along to it – moving your body and belting out your lungs are sure-fire ways to melting away the stress.

5. Brighten it up
Seeing and smelling beautiful things can put you in a good mood. Why not try placing small vases (or even glass bottles) around the house with a few of your favourite flowers from the garden? Or you can try lighting a scented candle or oil burner in the room in which you’re spending most of your time. Decluttering your space, especially if overcrowded, will also help.

What uplifts your mood in short space of time?

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    21st Jul 2017
    I am glad you talked about stress level. Not many of you may be able to relate to this unless you live in the country side as I do.
    I have to travel on the Princes highway and make 4 trips a day. There are sections where it goes to double lanes for a very short space for overtaking and then reverts to one lane.
    Now the road is busy due to road works.
    The road rules state that the person in the left lane must give way to the person in the right hand lane at the merge point.
    Now everyone in the left hand lane is driving at 100 km/hr, even the trucks, yet every time I get to one of these sections of road someone inevitably high flies it with a triple overtake to cut of the car merging at the end point.
    It is so dangerous and I find it STRESSFUL - since this is the what the article is about -stress. Now they must be going well over the speed limit to do this manoeuvre and yet they seem to keep their licence. If I merge into them and crash it is my fault because I didn't give way.
    So how does one get over driving STRESS.
    Maybe I should work on going 115 km/hr or just drive in the right hand lane. - that would work! But then I would stress about losing my licence!
    21st Jul 2017
    One thing guaranteed to raise my stress levels is the term " fur baby" - tey are ANIMALS not humans and when they are treated as humans they become neurotic and dogs especially annoy the owners neighbours when they are left alone. Little doggie fur baby never barks according to the owner who leaves it alone for hours at a time !! Too many dogs in suburbia!!
    Old Geezer
    21st Jul 2017
    I agree they are so annoying and so are their owners. Nothing worse than seeing a dog licking them all over the face and them loving it! Funny how they only bark when they can't hear them.

    Dogs belong on farms not in towns and cities.
    21st Jul 2017
    Have to agree Baysider I really dislike the way dogs are being treated by so called 'dog-lovers'. I consider it cruelty for the most part. And another theng, I resent dog owners inflicting their 'fur-baby' on me in places and venues they have no business being in e.g cafes. By all means have a 'fur-baby' if you must but for goodness sake keep it to yourself.

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