Study reveals that the flu spreads easier than you may realise

A new study has revealed that 'just breathing' is enough to spread the flu.

Flu spreads by just breathing

A new study lead by researchers from the University of Maryland has revealed that 'just breathing' is enough to spread the flu.

The common belief until now has been that the flu is spread through coughs and sneezes from an infected individual, as well as through touching contaminated surfaces.

However, the study has revealed that just by breathing people with the flu can release the virus into the air around them.

“People with flu generate infectious aerosols even when they are not coughing, and especially during the first days of illness,” said Dr. Donald Milton, Professor of Environmental Health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health.

“So when someone is coming down with influenza, they should go home and not remain in the workplace and infect others.”

Researchers believe their findings could be used to improve ventilation systems, to help reduce transmission risks in offices as well as public transport.

There were 217,000 recorded cases of the flu in Australia last year, more than double the 2015 record of 100,000. The Federal Government is already developing two stronger vaccines for next flu season in response to poorer than expected results among over 65s.

Were you aware that flu is spread just by  breathing? Should there be quarantines placed on people with the flu? 



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    23rd Jan 2018
    I once got colds or flu at least twice a year all my life.
    Ten years ago I had to start taking pain medication, had to leave work, but haven't had colds or flu since. Is it because:

    I was working in places with sick building syndrome?
    The pain medication provides protection?
    I have less close contact with other people and no sex?
    I get more rest and have stronger immunity?

    Mysteries of life
    23rd Jan 2018
    I have a friend whose father had a flue injection that nearly killed him, mainly because the hospital had no clue about adverse reactions to flue viruses/injections, - believed their own doctors publicity I guess, so all hospitals should be trained to know the symptoms and how different, and how to nurse it.
    With the increase in strength and number of injections the number of adverse reactions will increase.proportionally.

    23rd Jan 2018
    Maybe we should all wear masks (like the Asians do)?
    23rd Jan 2018
    Good thinking indeed!
    23rd Jan 2018
    Flu vaccine is rated as the third highest thing you can do to improve your longevity. TED talks.
    20th Feb 2018
    An d do you believe that? Flu vaccine is doing more harm than good, use natural ways to boost your immune system and you will never even get a cold. I use olive leaf extract and also eat a bowl of fruit at breakfast and raw salad for lunch, no packaged food or eating out either. WFBD.
    12th May 2018
    My traditional anti flu remedies are a block of camphor worn around the neck in a little bag under my clothes. You have to like the smell of Camphor of course. This I’ve used for 30+ years on my children and myself especially when traveling by plane. So far so good

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