Foods to keep your brain healthy

As you age, the foods which you eat can have a lot to do with the health of your brain. Consider adding the following foods to your diet to help protect your brain.

Fish – salmon, herrings and mackerel are all great sources of omega-3 fatty acids which help reduce brain shrinkage, increase memory function and reduce inflammation in the body. Aim to eat fish at least once or twice a week.

Grains and cereals – beans and green peas deliver a rich source of B-complex vitamins helping to maintain a healthy nervous system and blood sugar levels, as well as protecting against brain shrinkage.

Spinach – contains at least 15 different antioxidant compounds which have been shown to slow the formation of the beta-amyloid plaques that build up in those with Alzheimer’s disease.

Vitamin C – this antioxidant is essential for healthy skin and blood vessel function as well as dementia-related brain plaque. Eat more oranges, limes and lemons along with sweet peppers, strawberries, cantaloupes, tomatoes, broccoli and leafy greens.

Vitamin E – found in almonds, other nuts and avocado. As well as promoting healthy blood vessels, recent studies have shown that Vitamin E may also slow the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Coffee – consuming about three cups of coffee a day may help to protect against Alzheimer’s, according to a 2012 University of South Florida study.

And lastly, although not a food, new research suggests that you may have a higher risk of developing dementia if your levels of Vitamin D are low. So get out in the sunshine for 10 to 15 minutes a few times a week and boost your Vitamin D levels.

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