Health & Ageing

Could this be the cause of your muscle weakness?

Muscle weakness often starts gradually and makes once-simple tasks harder.

How a fall can trip up your future

Falls are a major concern for older people and a key issue for the community.

Super agers changing the definition of ageing

More people aged 70, 80 and older are performing at the standard of 60-year-olds: study.

Causes of damage to the liver include soft drinks and too little water

How to help one of your most amazing organs.

10 myths and facts about dental fillings

The lower the education level of participants, the higher the levels of misunderstanding.

How to repair the hormone imbalances that ruin a good night’s sleep

This complete guide to hormone repair will help you sleep better.

Blood in stool can mean cancer, haemorrhoids, diverticulitis or ulcers

Don't ignore the early warning sign that could save you from a serious condition.

Five vitamins that can boost your mood

Help make sure your body can function at its best.

Morning stretches you can do in bed

These easy morning stretches can set you up for a calmer morning.

Ageism is bad for your health

What impact does ageism have on you and your health as you age?

When I am dying …

No long, lingering bedside hand-holding for me, writes Peter Leith.

What stress does to your skin, hair and nails

Experts tell us what we can do about it.

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