Health & Ageing

Nine food and heart health myths busted

Let's dive into nine common food and health myths and the facts behind them.

When is it too old to … buy a puppy?

Steve Perkin reveals whether he should have bought a puppy at age 67.

You should know these signs of a gallbladder attack

Gallbladder attacks can last anywhere from minutes to hours.

How The Midlife Method author keeps her health on track

An evidence-based, healthy weight loss plan for the over 40s

Surgery-free pain relief for hips and knees

Joint pain can be debilitating but there are things to try before surgery.

Push for Medicare-style dental scheme for older Australians

Gum disease and decay are rising and Australians are avoiding treatment because of cost.

Study finds age is no barrier to successful weight loss

If you are thinking of making a New Year's resolution, your age shouldn't stop you.

How to create a healthier you, boost your memory and reduce stress

Mindfulness coach Melo Calarco explains a simple technique to boost your wellbeing.

New tech grants the home care wishes of the majority of older Aussies

New platform can help older Australians age in place more securely.

Why you bruise so easily

Are you always covered in bruises? Here's why.

How menopause can affect your skin

Many women claim to be uninformed about what can happen.

Australians reveal their attitudes towards ageing

Attitudes towards older people generally positive, not so for aged care.

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