Health & Ageing

The facts about belly fat

You might think it's cuddly, your GP would have another view.

A well-lived life and a well-managed exit

Peter Leith continues his series of true short stories.

More older Australians should be able to die at home: Advocate

More than half of all older Australians die in hospital or a medical service facility.

Could you have dry eye syndrome?

Hours staring at screens have seen cases of irritating dry eye syndrome rise.

What would life be like without Queen Elizabeth II?

Most of us have known no other British sovereign than Queen Elizabeth II.

Why are people so willing to accept ageism?

Research shows age discrimination is deeply embedded in Australian culture.

How Australia could reduce dementia by 40 per cent

Physical activity could prevent 18 per cent of dementia, researchers say.

Caring for my husband - what I didn't expect

What to expect when your partner develops dementia.

Are you ageing successfully?

There is no one way to age successfully, but there are plenty of options.

What you need to know before getting contact lenses

Just like with regular glasses, you can have different prescriptions for each eye.

Could this be the cause of your muscle weakness?

Muscle weakness often starts gradually and makes once-simple tasks harder.

Top tips to ensure a fall doesn’t trip up your future

Falls are a major concern for older people and a key issue for the community.

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