Ambassador for ageing

Actor Noeline Brown has been appointed as Ambassador for Ageing, to promote positive ageing, a pre-election promise given by the Labor Government.

Noeline turns 70 this October, and is already active in promoting healthy ageing to clubs and volunteer groups throughout Australia.

Some of the functions and responsibilities undertaken by the Ambassador will be:

promoting internationally recognised principles of positive and active ageing

promoting healthy and active ageing messages within the community

leading promotional activities to ensure our communities value and respect older people;

being spokesperson for respecting and recognising the continuing contribution made by older people to our nation;

explaining Government programs and initiatives to the public including assisting older people to be aware of programs and how to access them; and

encouraging older people to plan for the future;

representing the Australian Government at conferences, meetings and media engagements; and

attending meetings with key Commonwealth, State and local government stakeholders on positive ageing issues

For more information on the role to be undertaken by Noeline and information on Noeline herself, click here

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