Hearing Services Program

Pensioners, part pensioners and eligible veterans, among others, benefit from a subsidised Hearing Services Program. They can obtain help for hearing problems by applying to the Office of Hearing Services for a hearing services voucher. This program offers the following free services:

  • hearing assessment
  • hearing rehabilitation
  • selection and fitting of hearing devices (if necessary).

In addition, eligible people can obtain maintenance of their hearing aids and devices and a regular supply of batteries on payment of an annual maintenance fee. If you have a free hearing aid your maintenance agreement is also free if you have a Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Card or a White Card issued for conditions that include hearing loss.

For information on the eligibility of individuals and the provision of services, Provider Directory, how to make a complaint about the service, and other detail see the Office of Hearing Services:
Go There
Hearing Information Line: 1800 686 126
If you use a telephone typewriter (TTY), phone 1800 500 496
Client Services Line  1800 500 726