Your healthcare system

No-one doubts the excellent work undertaken by the majority of doctors, nurses and healthcare professional but some may have an opinion on how the system can work better.

Primary care is in need of a reform due to many factors but most importantly:

•tAustralia’s ageing population

•tThe burden of chronic disease and the need to focus on prevention

•tSkills shortage

•tThe growth in the divide between those who have access to good primary health care and those who don’t

A discussion paper has been released which outlines directions for reform and proposes ten key elements of providing a better primary care system. Health Minister, Nicola Roxon, has called for public submissions in response to the discussion paper.

Those with an interest in primary health care can make a submission, in writing or by email, until 27 February 2009, and the discussion paper, Towards a National Primary Health Care Strategy, can be downloaded from the Department of Health and Ageing’s website.