Health Checks

What you need to know if you have a family history of heart disease

Many factors contribute to heart disease, according to medical experts.

High blood pressure threat more dangerous now than ever

Fatal but forgotten: Australians are overlooking high blood pressure threat.

How your dentist can tell a lot more about your health than you think

Dentists can spot a whole host of health problems, and not just to do with your mouth.

Five ways to lower your blood pressure

Some simple lifestyle changes can help to make a big difference.

How telehealth can help you and keep medicos safe

Coronavirus telehealth measures are vital for both doctors and older Australians.

Report reveals alarming barriers to accessing healthcare

Nearly a quarter of Australians do not see a doctor when they feel they need to.

Early detection of Alzheimer’s a step closer

A previously overlooked gene behaviour could pave the way to diagnose Alzheimer's earlier.

Qantas points for Australians who get their hearing checked

Australians who get their hearing checked rewarded with Qantas points

These scans driving our world-beating cancer rate

Australia has world's highest cancer rate and government protocol on CTs is a major contributor: doctor. n

The warning signs of bone cancer

Bone cancer is serious and requires prompt medical attention. These are the warning signs.

Hearing aids linked to lower risk of dementia

People who wear hearing aids for age-related hearing problems maintain better brain function.

Retirement health checklist: It’s about more than just money

Retirement planning is about so much more than just money.

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