Health Checks

Major parties united in approach to tackle heart health issues

Both sides of politics have announced their support for comprehensive heart health checks.

Two in three Aussies delaying dental visits due to costs

Two in five Australians (39 per cent) did not visit a dentist at all last year.

Warning signs that you may have a brain tumour

Your skull is hard and your brain is soft, so as a tumour grows it has nowhere to go.

Where can you find a bulk billing doctor?

Finding a bulk billing doctor just became much easier.

The prostate problem affecting 50 per cent of men over 50

Cancer isn't the only reason men should get their prostate checked.

Get your vascular system pumping for healthy organs

If you have poor circulation, it is possible that some of your organs are being starved of

New app lets you see your doctor without waiting

If you want to avoid germy waiting rooms, dial up a doctoroo consultation

Beware of these easily overlooked cancer symptoms

What may seem like innocuous health issues could be a sign of something worse.

Should you say no to this cancer test?

Any medical procedure has its dangers, but the benefits can be compelling.

Top tips for healthier skin

It's never too late to lavish some love and attention on your skin.

The number one rule when you spot a mole that has changed

Lessons I've learnt after being diagnosed with melanoma.

Milestone health checks

Your doctor won't always tell you when it's time to start getting tested.

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