Health Checks

Pocket test for cholesterol, insulin and more

Test 50 things with an inexpensive device the size of a business card

Dangerous skin cancer apps

Several phone applications claim to be able to judge whether a skin lesion is cancerous

Cancer: what tests to have and when to have them

Finding cancer early improves your chances of successful treatment and long-term survival n

Walking slower could signal Alzheimer’s

A change in walking style could also be a sign of Alzheimer's

Health by the Age 50 to 60

Dr. Ross Walker considers important health concerns for those in their 50s.

Know your own skin

At least two in three Australians are diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70

Blood pressure for dummies

To find out if you are at risk, why not read Rachel's simple guide to blood pressure?

Oh… And by the way Doc…

Erectile disorder could be a symptom of a heart problem that needs to be taken very seriously

Bowel habits – what’s normal and what’s not

Bowel habits vary between people, and can change with time.

Preventing inflammation

What do heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, stroke and cancer all have in common?

Diabetes risk too great to ignore

Learn more about diabetes. That's the advice of a Melbourne man who, until a year ago, was at


There are many health-related apps available to you. So what makes iHealth different? Discover how

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