There are many health-related apps available to you. So what makes iHealth different? Discover how you can monitor your weight, blood pressure and heart-rate without ever visiting the doctor.

What is iHealth?
iHealth is an app for the iPad, iPod touch or iPhone which reads, records and shares your weight, blood pressure and heart-rate over time. It organises the information into useful graphs so that you can keep an eye on your health from the comfort of your own home.

How does iHealth work?
It’s okay, your phone isn’t capable of full-body scans yet. The iHealth app is free, but to make it work you need to buy the add-ons. The iHealth package is made up of a dock for your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone, plus either a blood pressure monitor or a set of digital scales, which plug into the dock. You put the phone in the dock, plug the blood pressure monitor or scales in and then measure your blood pressure and heart rate or your weight. The iPad, iPod touch or iPhone then records and stores the data, which allows you to see your progress over time.

Where can I buy iHealth?
The app is available free from the app store. The accessories can either be purchased from the iHealth website or from some Apple stores. The blood pressure monitor is $99.95 and comes with either a standard or a large cuff. The scales are $69.95 and do not require the dock, as they connect to your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone via Bluetooth.

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