Know your own skin

Protection from the sun is an all year round issue in Australia, but the fierce summer sun calls for extra vigilance. With at least two in three Australians being diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70, knowing your own skin may help you identify any changes which need to be checked out.

At the start of each summer season, carrying out a thorough skin check will help alert you to any changes in your skin, be it abnormal moles, skin discolouration or changes in texture. All of these can be indications that there’s something unhealthy happening. You should also ask your doctor to perform a skin check as part of your routine health screening.

Know Your Own Skin has information on how to carry out skin checks, what you should be looking for and what to do if you spot anything you’re concerned about. There’s a handy Sun Damage Risk Calculator which can help you work out what protection you need to take and you can also sign up to receive your free Know Your Own Skin kit and information.

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