Take stock of your health

Take stock of your health by giving these five online health tests a go, and leap into the new year fighting fit.

Hearing test –this test determines if you have high-frequency hearing loss by playing a range of tones in varying pitches, and assessing how well you hear them.

Vision test – this eyesight exam uses a series of colour, contrast and visual acuity tests to check the sharpness and precision of your vision.

Memory test – this memory test uses numbers and a series of spatial and visual devices to test how well you can recall information. 

Emotional well-being test – by answering 10 simple questions you are given a numbered score to indicate your depression and anxiety levels.

Disease-risk test – by asking a series of questions about your age, location, health and lifestyle, this test calculates the state of your health to determine whether you might be at risk of developing heart disease, a stroke, kidney disease or diabetes and then gives you a full report explaining your risk levels and what actions you can take to improve your health.

Do remember that these tests exist to provide you a free and convenient way to assess your own health, but should only be taken as guide. Any concerns you have about your results should be taken to a medical professional. 

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