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How to reduce your risk of dementia

It's possible to influence your risk of the disease.

I’m not responsible for deaths, says aged care minister

‘Homer Simpson could have seen the catastrophe in aged care coming', inquiry told.

The patients most at risk of complications after surgery

Researchers warn that heart complications for these patients are being underestimated.

Here’s what you need to know about alopecia

Hair loss can have a big impact on the lives of those affected

Treatment depends on where you live and what you earn

Study finds alarming disparity in how 1.2 million Aussies with this illness are treated. n

Mental health support program for older Australians being trialled

University's trial program seeks additional participants for online initiative.

Even one drink a day can increase your risk of cancer by 10 per cent.

The cancer risk is sobering news for those drinking more during the COVID crisis.

Half a million Aussies at increased risk of heart attack or stroke

The Heart Foundation is pleading with those at risk of heart disease to continue check-ups.

Study confirms early bedtimes improve health for this group

Study finds that diabetics who go to sleep earlier are healthier and more active than night owls.

Researchers laud find that could revolutionise treatment for millions

Researchers identify protein that could revolutionise diabetes treatment.

Excessive television watching linked to poorer memory

Watching television for more than three and a half hours a day linked to poorer memory.

Study confirms link between obesity and Alzheimer’s disease

Low cerebral blood flow found to be the No.1 imaging predictor of Alzheimer's disease.

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