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Surprising causes of hair loss you may not have factored in

Both men and women experience hair loss. Knowing why it happens could lessen your risk.

This coffee alternative is a win-win

Get all the benefits of coffee, without the downsides.

The nasties hiding in your house dust

Analysis shows where the dust comes from and how not to get rid of it.

Could dairy fat actually be good for your heart?

Study finds dairy fat can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Salt substitute reduces risk of stroke and heart attack, study finds

Diluting your table salt by 25 per cent with this alternative could save your life.

Revolutionary procedure could do away with knee replacements

Cartilage grafts could eliminate the need for knee replacements.

Why is it harder to sleep peacefully and untroubled as you get older?

When was the last time you slept like a baby? And what does that really mean anyway?

Study puts coffee in the bad books again, if you drink this much

University research warns of increased risk of osteoporosis.

Are you always cold? It might not be just in your head

Why do some people feel the cold more than others?

Nine in 10 support voluntary assisted dying, unless they're over 70

'Quality of death should be given the same attention as the quality of birth.'

Virtual contact for older people during lockdowns worse than none at all: study

Older people say that virtual contact during lockdowns is worse than no contact at all.

Early detection tools the key in battle with killer cancer

Survey shows it takes three to six appointments before pancreatic cancer is considered.

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