Australians shun cancer testing

Despite cancer being one of the leading causes of death amongst Australians, many are failing to be tested for the most common forms of the disease.

Researchers estimate that 20-30 lives per week could be saved if only more people took the recommended bowel cancer screening tests. With just 40 per cent of the eligible three million Australians undergoing the screening and just 55 per cent of women having breast screens, it seems we’re taking our health for granted. The highest take up rate is amongst women having tests for cervical cancer, but even that only amounts to 57 per cent.

Not surprisingly, men are less likely to take the test than women, but not by much, with 37 per cent of men compared to 43 per cent of women being screened. What is surprising is that according to Breast Screen Victoria, 18 per cent of women believing their bodies would tell them they had cancer.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart