Bad dad dancing

While it may give everyone a chuckle at parties and weddings, scientific research has shown that cringeworthy dad dancing is nature’s way of helping ageing males repel the unwanted advances of young, fertile women!

Dr Peter Lovatt from the University of Hertfordshire in the UK compared the dancing styles and confidence levels of nearly 14,000 people and has deduced that those less competent on the dance floor are sending a clear message – stay away, I’m not fertile!

The report, Dance Confidence, Age and Gender, shows that between the ages of 35-60, men attempt complex dance moves with limited co-ordination, mainly due to a degree of awkwardness around women. Women can see through this act of bravado. Research has shown that women gauge the testosterone levels of prospective dance partners by how well they bust a move.

Thankfully, things do improve. Once testosterone levels even out in later years, men are more graceful when taking to the dance floor, executing simple moves with grace.

For more details on the dancing style of older males, visit the University of Hertfordshire.

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