Calcium supplements increase heart attack risk

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A study published in the online issue of the journal Heart has shown that taking calcium supplements may increase your risk of heart attack.

Calcium supplements are commonly recommended for post-menopausal women and older people to prevent bone thinning.

The findings are based on a study performed by one of the German arms of the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) study in Heidelberg. In the study 24,000 participants, who were between 35 and 64 years of age when the study began, had their diet assessed and their use of vitamin and mineral supplements recorded for an average of eleven years.

The study found, amongst other things, that those who took supplements regularly were 86 per cent more likely to have a heart attack than those who didn’t use any supplements, and that this risk increased further amongst those who used only calcium supplements.

This doesn’t mean you should stop taking calcium if it has been recommended by your doctor, as brittle bones can also be a health hazard, but you may want to ask your GP about it next time you see him or her.

More information
Read the more extensive article Calcium supplements linked to significantly increased heart attack risk at the ScienceDaily website.

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    The inability to excrete excess iron automatically puts people more at risk to heart disease and fatty liver as they are linked. Excess iron builds up in the brain, heart, liver, kidneys and joints. The only was to get rid of the excess iron is through blood letting but if a person only has one defective gene like me, then doctors refuse the treatment. Some people can’t give blood either because of being exposed to too many viruses. I am one of those people, my blood is not worth bottling. I have never smoked, do not drink and only ever did lightly years ago and have never eaten junk food……yet I am at high risk of heart disease purely through a defective gene……

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    Penqueen, do you have Hemochromatosis? my husband had this and it is the most undiagnosed health problem in the country, as you say it should be easily controlled by donating blood regularly, Doctors should be trained to recognised this, it would save so many lives, I feel that you should be entitled to have this treatment even if your blood is not suitable to donate, I learned about this disease after my huband passed away, and feel there should be more done to enlighten people about this.



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