Cancer survivor centre

Life after cancer diagnosis and treatment can’t be expected to carry on as before yet once people have survived the disease, it is often assumed that they can cope with just about anything. This is not always the case and a new cancer survivor centre hopes to address such issues.

The NSW Cancer Survivors Centre will be based at the University of New South Wales and will be dedicated to the growing number of Australians who count themselves to be cancer survivors. Many support groups and services provide advice and assistance for those diagnosed with cancer and going through treatment, but seldom do they offer support specifically for those deemed to be in remission.

The Centre will bring together a consortium of leading clinical and research groups and will be led by Professor Andrew Lloyd. Cancer survivor Rick Christie, who struggled for many years to regain his strength after surviving the disease, credits the UNSW Lifestyle Clinic with helping him get his physical strength back on track. Through his established Ride for Life fundraising event, Rick Christie will support the new centre with money raised from the annual event, to take place on Sunday 31 July.

With the increase of both diagnosis of cancer and survival rate from the disease, the need for such centres nationally is on the increase. More than 75 per cent of children and 60 per cent of adults will be long-term survivors of the disease and should be able to access services such as those provided by the centre.

For more information, visit the NSW Cancer Survivors Centre.

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